A-Z Marathon – Trine

Box art box art.

Trine is one of those games that, for me, started with a “I’m not sure…” and ended with “OH MY GOD THIS GAME IS AWESOME AND I WANT MORE”.  It’s really just a great experience all around, and a game that everyone should try and play.

Trine is a sort of platformer puzzler, in which due to plot events, you control three different… er, heroes as you free the country from its cursed fate.  The Knight, the Wizard, and the Thief all have different abilities that are upgradeable, and using these abilities to their fullest extent is the only way you’re going to get to the end of the game.  The Knight is the physical attacker, and has a hammer and shield that you can use for some puzzles; the Wizard can make boxes and platforms out of thin air, which you can use offensively but is mainly used for getting places; and the Thief has a bow for ranged attacks and a grappling hook for swinging around, making her more well rounded.

The Knight's tbe best for attacking enemies... though you don't have to use him.

The best about this game is that there’s always more than one solution to a puzzle.  In many instances I could see how I could have gotten through the area with either the Wizard’s boxes or the Knight’s brute force, or even a combination of all the heroes.  It allows for some dynamic and neat solutions, and makes it so you get just the right amount of challenge so that it doesn’t frustrate, yet gives you satisfaction… especially when you figure out how to get to a hard to reach treasure chest.

The game’s graphics and atmosphere are beautiful.  It ties everything together and makes Trine a polished experience.  It’s well worth the playthrough for anyone that enjoys a good game, regardless of whether you’re a puzzle or platformer fan or not.