Weekly Gaming Update #17 – A Day Late, A Dollar Short

Whoops, a little late on this again.  April was such a bleh month for me for whatever reason–I had trouble doing much of anything productive, let alone make these posts.  I’m sure May will be better.

Games Started

Pikmin 3 – In Progress
Puyo Puyo Tetris – In Progress

Games Beaten

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment
Probably my favorite of the three Shovel Knight campaigns.  Specter Knight is a little hard to control at first, but once you get the hang of midair slashes and the like it’s really fun to play.  I’m really thankful for the cloak that has you not auto-die if you hit spikes or fall in a bottomless pit though… sometimes landing those jumps are incredibly difficult.

Backstage Pass
I wanted to like this, but my god is it so simultaneously dull and infuriating.  Like I was trying to work towards a specific character’s romance ending, but suddenly the hearts just stopped… filling up, which is the indication for the romance ending.  I dunno why.  And two other characters’ (who I only talked to from time to time) stars started filling up (friendship endings), despite me not talking to them.  Then the ending I actually saw was the fourth of these characters, who I almost never talked to, and of course that path ended terribly because I never talked to him!  And I have no clue how any of this happened.  Any of it.  And, there was a bunch of stat raising and I don’t really know the point of it other than me having to click more and sometimes get a random conversation and how am I talking to John again my god I don’t remember wanting to talk to you ever how did I get this ending!  Despite all this I really want to play through again just to get a semi-satisfying ending (with a guide, of course) and since the damn game likes John so much I guess I’ll just do his path because why would I want to date Adam, fine game you win

Kirby Planet Robobot
Definitely my favorite Kirby game.  I really like the robot and how the powers work with it, and I enjoyed the new powers too (at least new for me, it’s been a bit since I played a modern Kirby game).  It’s not too long, and doesn’t really force any stringent requirements on the play to beat (I’m looking at you and those Rainbow Coins, Mass Attack).  If you’re playing the levels even somewhat like you should and being a little observant, you can easily get the number of Code Cubes you need to reach the bosses.  I really like how they balanced it!

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition
I guess I could some this up in a word, that word being ‘meh’, but I’ll say more.  I sort of wish that the Special Edition gave the game more than a facelift… maybe including a hint system for what to do next if you get stuck would be nice.  Monkey Island is a pretty old game, so I can’t fault it too much for its archaic and obtuse nature, but they could have tried to modernize it at least a little.  Also, in my opinion, trying to play the thing with a keyboard and mouse was really more difficult than it should have been… it’s a point and click adventure game!  I eventually switched to a 360 controller.  and why doesn’t the Steam version have the 360 achievements on it?  Oh, and the art style was kinda… meh.  Honestly I probably should have just played the original version…

In Progress

Puyo Puyo Tetris
Adventure Mode is hard, I suck at Tetris, and am only passable at Puyo Puyo.  That about sums it up.

Pikmin 3
Gotten through a few days, this is a lot of fun!  The time limit stresses me out a tiny bit, but it seems less overbearing than the first game’s limit, at least.  Still only have Red and Rock Pikmin at the moment, but I assume I’ll get more types soon, as I’m still unlocking new areas.

Goals for Next Week

I’d like to start working on my Steam games.  It’s my highest collection of unbeaten games, and I’d like to get it below 10 unbeaten ones before the Summer Sale comes along to ruin any progress.  Also I’m trying to get through a few more games (Pikmin 3 being one of them), so maybe work on them, too.  I’m taking a little break from Persona 5, as great as it is I’m a little burned out by so much playtime in such a short period…

See you next week!



Weekly Gaming Update #13 – Crap, I Completely Forgot About This

Totally forgot about making a post… whoops!  Well, I’m not tired, so might as well get to it!

New Games Bought:

Harmonia, Princess Maker 2 Refine, Paint It Back!
I got all three of these during the Steam Anime Sale.  Well, Paint It Back! isn’t anime, but it was on sale, so… there you have it.

New Games Started:

Harmonia – Completed
Princess Maker 2 Refine – Completed
Paint It Back! – In Progress

Games Beaten:

Tokyo Jungle
This is such a… unique game.  It’s a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s one of the few cases where I just feel like it’d be better without a Story Mode.  Story Mode is a bit annoying at the start, to downright frustrating at the middle and end.  Survival is clearly both the best and main game mode, and it would have sufficed to tell what little Story Mode told in a couple extra data caches or whatever.  Trying to unlock Story Mode acts made playing in Survival is tedious, too, as my runs would end up being “run to data as fast as possible, pick up, die” with maybe a sprinkle of trying to unlock a new animal while I’m at it.  It’s such a fun and interesting game, so it’s a shame that it kind of trips over itself when it really could have done great as just an arcade-y game.

This was a kinetic visual novel, so basically I just read it.  It was a great tale, though, as expected from Key.  Very emotional, and I really found it great.  The twist around the end even makes you think about things, a bit… It’s well recommended, especially since it’s only $10 full price.

Princess Maker 2 Refine
So, I played Long Live The Queen, and really liked that.  It was pretty dope.  So I figured, might as well try a game that inspired it!  But man, Princess Maker 2 is weird.  It’s obviously a bit… outdated, since the game originally came out in 1993, but there’s just a lot of stuff going on that really gives the player issues.  Stats and what raises them/how they’re raised isn’t explained all that well; your daughter can get moody and delinquent and figuring out why that happens requires an Internet search; the amount of endings is overwhelming and the overload of stats makes getting any of the ones you actually want impossible without a guide; and so on.  It’s not bad, but when Long Live The Queen does the whole ‘raising sim’ thing better, I can’t really recommend this one over that.

In Progress

Paint It Back!
So, Paint It Back! is a Picross game, so I like it well enough.  It’s got the dumbest premise, but I don’t really care, just gimme the puzzles.  Unlike a typical Nintendo Picross game, Paint It Back! isn’t afraid to use oblong puzzle maps, or even gigantic 40×40 puzzles.  Also, you can always pick a lower difficulty that splits the puzzle into smaller parts that make huge maps a lot more tolerable.  I’m working through a few puzzles at a time, this will likely keep me busy for a while.  I do miss having it on the go with my 3DS, though…

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition
I played more than a half an hour!  I’ve finished two out of the three trials that I got from the pirates.  And yes, I used a guide for it.  It’s a neat game, I really wish the controls were… better for a special edition, though.  Using or grabbing items is far too much of a pain in the ass.

Goals for Next Week

Are you kidding me?  Persona 5 is next week!

That about does it!  Next week’s entry will surely be shorter…

Weekly Gaming Update #12 – How The Hell Did You Get Elected?

We are truly living in the Kojima timeline.

New Games Started:

Tokyo Jungle – In Progress
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition – In Progress

I also both started and dropped two Steam games this week. That’s something, right?

Games Beaten:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Holy shit, this game.  What a fantastic title.  I cannot sing its praises enough.  I was really skeptical of the game at first… I’m not a big fan of open world games.  But BOTW manages to make open world something amazing.  The 60 or so hours I spent on it flew by in a flash.  It’s definitely my favorite Zelda game.  Game of all time or something like that? Maybe not as much, but Breath of the Wild is something really, really special.

Lara Croft GO
This was a nice puzzle title, I liked it more than Hitman GO for sure.  The graphics were super nice, and I like how new mechanics and little hitches were unlocked right to the end.  It was a great lunchtime game.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengance
Man, this game is ridiculous, maybe more than the average Metal Gear game.  But it was pretty darn good.  I’m kind of glad the final three stages weren’t that long… with stages two, three, and four being so long, I was worried about a burnout.  But, it wraps up quickly enough.  I probably won’t play the DLC anytime soon, though, the main game was enough for me.

In Progress:

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
I’ve made it to Skillege, finally. My interest is flagging pretty quickly though, so I might just wait a while until I play again.  We’ll see how I feel in a couple days.

Tokyo Jungle
This sure is a strange game.  I really like it, though.  I’ve been working on unlocking animals in Survival Mode while grabbing the archives I need for Story Mode, so I feel progress is going decently enough.  I’m having a lot of trouble completing a few unlock challenges, though… one because, well, I’m a chick, and the other because I just have bad luck trying to kill the golden retrievers or something.  I should probably use some equipment… but that’s okay.  Cleared up to Act 7 of Story Mode, so I’m about halfway through.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition
Okay, so I only really booted up the game and played for about five minutes.  But I started it!  I’m definitely going to use a walkthrough for this one… I played through about half the game in the past, and I remember how terribly obtuse some of the puzzles were.  I’ll just get rid of that frustration, thanks!

Goals for Next Week:

Mainly, just to play random stuff and clear out just a bit more of the backlog before Persona 5 drops April 4th.  I should be able to get through Tokyo Jungle and a couple other games, if I want to.

Also, I’m going to decide about whether I’m ever going to play Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2, or MGS VR missions.  Well, actually I looked into Metal Gear 1 and realized what it was, so that’s already off the list.  I’ll have to decide on the other two soon, though.  It’s a probably on the VR missions, but I have no clue on 2 yet.

Well, see you next week.