My Handy-Dandy Review Database

Goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve posted in this dusty old blog.  Four months or so, in fact.  Between my full-time job, school, and freelance writing, I’ve simply haven’t had the time to write for fun… which is a shame, but hey, it happens.  And with 1MoreCastle shutting down (;-;), I’ll have no motivation to write random awesome reviews for their Review Days.  A shame.

Anyway, I recently felt compelled to compile all of my professional reviews in one place… that one place being a Google Sheets document.  Spreadsheets are so easy to make lists on!  Anyway, you can take a look at it here, and I’ll be adding a link over in my blog’s link area in a bit.

Now, let’s have some stats!  Because I like stats.

  • As of the time of this writing, I’ve written 83 reviews.
  • The lowest review score I’ve given a game is a 1/5 (or 2/10), to Legend of Kay Anniversary.
    • That actually happened earlier this week!  Before then my lowest score was 3/10, and was given to Drakengard and Alphadia Genesis.
  • I have given only one game a “perfect” score: Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker.
  • The site I’ve written the most reviews for is High Def Digest; however, I just overcame that hurdle this week with three reviews of mine going live.  Before then, it was Game Podunk.

I think that’s about enough for now.  I’ve been thinking about doing an Editorial Database too… which seems both easier and harder at the same time.  I’ll think about it.  And probably not do it, we’ll see.

Humble Music Bundle

Many of us have heard of the Humble Indie Bundle before:  It made the whole concept of ‘selling a bunch of indie games for cheap (and usually for charity)’ popular.  Of course, after everyone was bombarded with bundle after bundle, it’s a little hard to get excited when one probably owns a good deal of the games already.  Thankfully, the makers of the Humble bundles realize this, and decide to shake it up a bit.

The Humble Music Bundle, instead of offering games, offers music, and gives Humble’s typical deal:  You can pay what you want and get some awesome DRM free music, but if you pay above the average, you get extra goodies as well!  The music on offer is pretty neat as well… you can see the whole list on the site, but with music from They Might Be Giants, MC Frontalot, and Valkyria Chronicles, you can’t go go wrong with a pay what you want deal!  If you pay above the average, you even get an album from OK Go, who is extremely awesome!

I’m a little sad, however, that this bundle just doesn’t seem to be selling as much as their older bundles.  It’s probably because they aren’t games, and the people who watch for these deals are looking for games or gaming related goods, and while this might have a Valkyria Chronicles soundtrack, it isn’t anything like the Indie Game Music Bundle.  However, I’m hoping word gets out to music fans that would enjoy these, and sales pick up… so get the word out about the new bundle!

Yes, this is cute.

This little cheetah cub is JUST TOO CUTE, I couldn’t help but to put something up about him.  This little guy, the two week old Kaburi, just opened his eyes and just is SO ADORABLE.  Everyone must go to this site and watch this little cheetah and just go AWWW a million times over.

This picture just melts your heart, doesn’t it? Go watch the video! (I grabbed this pic from Cute Overload)

Olde Salty Resturant puts up a ‘No screaming kids’ sign; people scream

I saw an interesting thing on the news a couple of days ago… a restaurant in North Carolina has implemented a new rule: No screaming kids allowed.  A relatively bold statement, though the middle-aged owner explains how she is frustrated about her customers complaining about the rowdy children and how the new rule has brought her more business.  Of course, some parents are ‘screaming’ (well, not really, just more complaining) about this, saying that they cannot help it when their kids start howling.

Anyway, you can see Fox New’s clip below (I know everyone hates Fox News, so you can watch MSNBC’s story here instead, if you want):

Honestly, I think it’s great that the owner put up the sign.  There’s little I hate more than going out to eat, then having to listen to kids wailing their heads off… especially when they’re little kids that obviously have no discipline.  But that’s a rant for another day…