Blog Direction from Now On… Until I Get Bored, Of Course

So yeah, time to talk about my blog’s direction from here until… the next time it changes direction, heh.  I’m going to start working on some more… analytical gaming posts, more opinionated “editorial” type stuff, but that’s also a pretty big shift from what The Word Dump’s been about for the last couple years (keeping tabs and writing updates about my gaming progress).  So, I will be dropping a good amount of the ‘update’ type posts; I will no longer be doing the monthly updates, since it’s something I don’t really wanna do anymore (and something I keep up better on the NeoGAF threads anyway).  I’ll still be doing write ups for that Steam Recommendation stuff that I swear I’m still doing, and likely for the Summer Gaming Challenge when that comes, but for the most part those won’t be showing up anymore.  Granted, if I feel like writing a straight-up review of something, I will, but seeing as I’m doing that for Game Podunk and RPGSite, it’s not very likely.

Also, in terms of moving old posts over here (this IS The Word Dump, after all), I still have a couple in the queue that I’m too lazy to find pictures for and post, and then from there I’ll be moving most of my Game Podunk blog, The Dusty Corner, over here.  I haven’t written in that blog for quite a while now, and I might as well integrate the posts in here.

That’s about it.  See you soon!

2013 In Review – Gaming Stats Side

This isn’t a top 10 2013 games list or anything; I’ve actually already made one of those.  Instead, I want to look at my statistics of the games I’ve gotten and beaten, and an overview of what I’ve done, what I haven’t done, and how much I failed at slaying my backlog.  Also, it’ll have lots of numbers.  Let’s get to it!

I have received 152 new games this year.  Wow!

Out of those:

  • I won 32 of those games (mostly from winning someone’s Good Old Games account)
  • 12 were review copies
  • 5 games are from Club Nintendo
  • 6 more I got for free from other methods
  • I got one bundle (Build a Doujin Bundle), giving me 5 games on the cheap
  • I received 3 import titles, but I can only play 2 (the third is in Japanese)
  • I paid full price for 15 games (though most were cheaper downloadable titles)

151 might seem like a big number, but in all reality it’s far less than the massive amount of games I bought last year (191).  Of course, last year was more or less the ‘year of the indie bundle’, and I bought a ton of them.  Now, I own most of the indie games I care about via these bundles, and most don’t have enough games that really appeal to me anymore, which is why I only bought one bundle this year.  Also, I actually won a good portion of games this year, mostly from grabbing someone’s GOG account.  His account has about 40 games in it, and about 25 or so that I hadn’t already owned.  Finally, my writing gigs help hook me up with some games, too.  So all in all, while I got a bunch of games this year, I spent significantly less money than usual.  That’s a win in my book (but not to my backlog)!


This year, I beat 47 games, completed 11 games, and attempted no master runs.  Some random notes on these:

  • 17 of these games I beat in April, as part of a challenge
  • 2 of the games I completed were games I beat already that required completion; the others fell in the “beat=complete” field, like the Telltale games

To be honest, I wanted to beat my beat/complete all time high numbers (47 beat in 2009, 14 complete in 2011), but I’ve only tied my high beat amount, and am still short on my complete amount.  I still may still topple the record, as I’m playing a game for review now and have to finish it soon, but I should get this post out before the end of the year and I have plenty of other things to write about for the end of this year.  Maybe I’ll do a marathon of Telltale games at the end of the year if I’m able and knock that completion percentage up…


Console Elimination Round [x]
System – PS1
Progress – 1/12 beat
Time Left – Over

Summer Gaming Challenge (2013) [x]
Special – PS1 and Wii games only
Progress – 3/10 beat
Time Left – Over

A-Z Challenge [x]
Progress – 24/25 games beat (no ‘Q’ game)
Time Left – Over

Steam Recommendations [x]
Progress – 3/37 beat
Games Beat this Year – 1 (Portal 2)
Time Left – Infinite

Beat 20 Games in April (Challenge)
Progress – 17/20

I did a really, really bad job completing any marathons this year.  The one marathon I set up for myself this year (The Console Elimination Round) went absolutely terribly for me.  The only game I beat was The Legend of Dragoon, and it took me half the year to do it.  What happened?  I’m right at the end of Tales of Destiny, but I have no reason to really beat it, and no motivation to even try new games (the only other game I made decent progress in was Legend of Legaia).  The A-Z Challenge I got very close to completing, but with two weeks left I had to choose between one of two ‘X’ games: Xenosaga Episode 1 or Xenoblade.  I ended up not being able to motivate myself to finally beat Xenosaga, and starting an 80 hour epic was out of the question with my then work schedule, so I ended up failing that.  The Summer Gaming Challenge went pretty badly, mostly for the same reasons as the Console Elimination Round, but I did get to play through some good Wii games, and get a decent way into Pikmin (I need to finish that…)  Next year I probably won’t start any new marathons (except the Summer Gaming Challenge, I always find those fun and hopefully the RetroN 5 will be out by then), and focus more on the Steam games people recommended me to play (which is full of pretty long RPGs…)


This year, I got the pleasure of joining not one, but two gaming sites to write for.  It was pretty exciting for me!  Anyway, I’m going to link all my important articles I wrote here, mainly to see how much I’ve written in the past year besides my blogs.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies
Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness
Cloudberry Kingdom
Megabyte Punch
Mystic Chronicles
Attack of the Friday Monsters!
The Walking Dead: 400 Days
Strike Suit Infinity
Strike Suit Zero
Publisher Dream
Pandora’s Tower
Bugs Vs. Tanks!
Carnage Heart EXA
Generations of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection
Dragon Fantasy: Book I
Dragon Fantasy: Book II

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Game of the Year 2013
Saints Row: A Look Back at a Quirky Series
4 Odd and Unusual Handhelds from the Game Industry’s Past
4 Odd and Unusual Controllers from the Game Industry’s Past
10 Great, Free 1OS Games to Get Your Mobile Gaming On
Memory Lane:
Free Video Game Music:

A Look at StreetPass Mii Plaza’s 4 New Games
5 More Disney Games that Deserve a Revisit

…Okay, that’s a lot more than I thought it’d be.  Almost all of it is for Game Podunk, as well… the only major things I’ve written for RPGSite thus far are the Dragon Fantasy Book I and II reviews.  Whew, that’s a lot of writing I got done!

That about does it for this stats round-up.  I’ll be doing more posts as the year finishes up!

I’m back!

I’ve finished my tax preparation job!  Well, actually… I finished it like three weeks ago, but I was busy with other matters until now.  But, now that I have free time again, I can… well, play games and write here and stuff!  I even have a game plan set up for me:

What’s happenin’ with the blog

Well, since I have the time to again, I will begin writing a little more frequently here.  I’ll start the Gaming Updates again, as well as catch up on my marathon writings (I have one or two I’m behind on).  I did the Zelda Writing Challenge as a bit of an exercise for myself, and I finished that a week or so ago, but I’ll probably not do something like that again.  So many short posts!

Also, finish moving my older posts into here.  I have about seven or so that need formatting and pictures before they can be posted.  I also still need to grab my posts from Bitmob, and I’m still hoping someday they’ll bring blogs back to GameTrailers so I can grab those works (I doubt it’ll ever happen though).  So yeah, I’ll be putting those up when I can.

What’s happenin’ with my gaming

Now that I have free time again, I’ll be gaming again!  I’m currently playing through a Backloggery Game Club game myself… and I’ve finished another Steam Recommendation, as well.  There’s only three games left until I finish the A-Z Challenge (had to remove Q because Q.U.B.E. made me motion sick).  I have yet to make progress in the Console Elimination Round, but that’s hopefully going to change when I start this year’s Summer Gaming Challenge, since there will be a few PS1 games on it.  Look out for that later this month!

With all that happening, obviously I’ll be getting out more blog posts here, too.

What’s happenin’ with Game Podunk

Last you heard, I was a moderator for Game Podunk.  I still am, in a way, and that means I still write stuff there!  Go, check it out!  Also, I still upkeep my blog, The Dusty Corner, though I am planning on backing up my articles here in time.  It’s good to have everything in one place, after all!

What’s happenin’ with me

Right now, I’m trying to get a better job, you know, career type stuff.  As much as I want game journalism to be that thing for me, that isn’t viable, especially when my school’s working hard with me to get me an accounting job.  That said, I’m really hoping something pans out with that over the next couple months, then after that hopefully I’ll be going back to school (again).

That about sums stuff up.  See you on the flip side!



This is more of a personal update than anything. I recently got taken on as a Moderator/Writer over at Game Podunk. It’s very exciting news for me, because working for a gaming site like this, big or small is something I’ve always wanted to do.

But, that brings up the question… what’s going to happen to this blog? In the long term, nothing. However, I’m actually working two jobs on top of my work at GP, so until my tax preparation job is over in April, I don’t have much time for my little blog. I’ll still throw up updates when I make progress in marathons and whatnot when I can, but I won’t be doing the Gaming Updates and stuff like that again until May.

Oh, and I’m still working on transferring my old work to this blog–it’s just slow going with having to find pictures and format everything correctly again. Anyway, see you around! :D

Time to mash it together!

So, I thought about something… I have posts scattered around the internet other than my current WordPress and Game Podunk blog, so I’m gonna gather the ones I liked the most and stuff them in this blog.

What does that mean?  Posts that date back to the mythical 2010 and later, and new catagories I may or may not ever use again!  Also, some posts without any pictures I need to update!  Anyway, there’ll be some old time additions in the next… week or so, so there you have it.

gaiages uses Explosion! It’s super effective!

New theme! It’s a lot nicer on the eyes, and the pictures format correctly and all that! Dusk to Dawn doesn’t automatically tab my paragraphs either, which is something that personally bugged me.

I wanted to also make it so posts were shortened with a little ‘read more’ link, but that requires messing with the XHTML code, and that’s something I can’t do for free (I think)!

Anyway, more substantial posts in a few days! See you then!