FFV Fiesta #8: My Only Friend, The End

Here we are!  The final gauntlet that’ll lead us to victory!  There’s quite a few baddies that aren’t happy to see us, though… I guess we’ll have to take care of them before we can take down Exdeath.

The Rift is a mishmash of places we’ve seen throughout the game, giving the impression that you’re really running through the places that Exdeath was such a jerk to suck up in the Void.  But hey, it makes for a pretty entertaining final dungeon.

So, we walk for a bit, and…

Hey, that doesn’t sound too– Oh wait, we gotta save the world, no time for rest!

I’d tell you something about her, but she died before she really got to do anything.  The raw power of this party is undeniably awesome, but they tend to run into issues if battles last more than two minutes.

Onward, and…


Well, yeah, I wouldn’t expect anyone to either, with what that terrible murdering machine right outside the door.  Too bad we don’t get props for getting past it and have to fight Apanda.

Oh look, a palette swap of that one boss way early in the game.  He’s about as impressive as you’d expect.  Let’s keep going.

This guy’s weird.  He asked the group if they were the crystal bearers… then after some contemplation, he attacks.  You can say no, and he’ll let you carry on your business without a fight.  Neat, but there’s a reason why we want to fight him.

Azulmagia knows a LOT of Blue Magic spells.  Doesn’t really help him, but hey, there you have it.

After you defeat him, Azulmagia turns into a save point.  Handy, because it’s been awhile!  In this area, there are some old men running around in a few cells.  They’re kinda mid-bosses, and they’re protecting Dancer equipment, which I already have, so I didn’t bother.  I try to open the cell on the far top right, and…


Catastrophe is dangerous because of its powerful Earth Shaker.  And I think he counters physicals or something.  I can’t remember, he died pretty fast as well.

So, we freed a young (presumably hot) young lady from the cell with Catastrophe, who gives us a kiss and goes upon her merry way.  Odd…

That young woman cast a spell with her kiss, and now we have to kill her to get away!

She can inflict status ailments… mostly Toad.  She isn’t a challenge.

So, finally, to the top of the castle!

Oh, Twintania.  The first boss in the Rift I had trouble with.

First, I learned it had Tidal Wave, which massacred me quickly.

So I equipped my Coral Rings.  I thought I was in for an easy victory, but…

Then I learned about Twintania having Mega Flare.  Well, that sucks.  I could use the Reflect Rings, but then I couldn’t be healed by Tidal Wave, and that would likely kill me before Mega Flare would activate.

Eventually, I do win.  You can click above for a video!

And finally, we enter the final area of the Rift, the real area.  I spot someone too… another boss?  Let’s see…

Gilgamesh!  He’s alive!  It’s a miracle!  We trade blows for a while, until he recognizes the party.  We stop fighting, and give him directions to leave the Rift.  There’s a video of the battle above; I highly recommend watching it, for Gilgamesh’s dialogue alone.

Things are going well.  I trampled all the bosses, found Gilgamesh in one piece, and am mere steps away from beating down Exdeath.  However, it’s sure been a while since a save point, and there’s some glowing object off to the side.  It tells me the light it his, and we fight…

This guy’s a little annoying.  You can’t hurt him until you destroy the barriers… the barriers don’t have much health, but they do launch high power reflected spells at you.  It takes a few tries, but I get the barriers down… despite this, though, Necrophobe still isn’t taking much damage, and my party’s not looking to hot.  Guess I’ll have to reset–Oh, wait, what?

Wait, Gilgamesh, what are you doing here?  Don’t tell me you’re… No, don’t say your goodbyes, don’t die, please, no no no….!

He… self-destructs to defeat Necrophobe, and we get a save point.  But at what cost!?  (Note: I had a video, but the battle before Gilgamesh showed up took so long it was too boring to make people watch.  So you don’t get to see Gilgamesh’s interesting farewells.  Sorry.)

Well, this is it.  It’s time to defeat Exdeath!

Let’s not forget that the big bad boss of this game is a tree!  This is not an environmentally-friendly game.

Exdeath’s first form is easy enough, you beat on him for a couple minutes, before Exdeath gets consumed by the power of the Void.

Oh yay, real final boss time!


Neo Exdeath isn’t a pushover.  He has four parts, that all do different attacks.  The top, grey part that’s sticking out does the physical attacks and Vacuum Wave.  The red, lion-looking head in the middle is the piece that casts Grand Cross, a spell that inflicts ANY random status effect on characters, up to and including Death.  Underneath that piece, around were the ram’s head is in the middle, is the part that casts Almagest, an extremely powerful attack that hits for ~1700 to each party member.  Finally, somewhere in the back is the magical piece, which casts Holy, Flare, Meteor, and the elemental spells.  You have to be careful, too, as when you defeat three out of Neo Exdeath’s ‘pieces’, the fourth gains the abilities of the others, can attack super quickly, and can cast Almagest and Grand Cross without charging it.  Harsh.

So, Almagest is the most dangerous ability to me in this battle (a lot of people have difficulties with Grand Cross, but I couldn’t really survive the damage), so I strive to defat that part first.  There’s a lot of unlucky shots, and plain bad moves on my part, but eventually I get it down.  Second, I take out the Grand Cross piece, mainly because it’s a pain.  Then, the front piece.  The back piece starts spamming everything, but there’s a trick.

If you use a Magic Lamp, Odin always casts his instant kill move.

The back piece is susceptible to it.

And there we go!  Oh, something interesting…

If a party member is dead when you kill Exdeath, they can’t escape the Void and you LEAVE THEM BEHIND.  Seriously.  Not too bad, though, they’ll get revived at the end, but you DO miss their bit of the ending.

That’s Final Fantasy V Advance, Fiesta style!  Let’s look at some stats before wrapping this up:

Bartz, the Knight in shining armor, protecting the princesses from harm!

Lenna, running around in a skimpy fur suit and smashing monsters’ heads in!  I guess blood IS kinda hard to clean out of fur, so she’s got a good idea.

Faris, looking remarkably different!  Galuf said early in the game that ‘it’s a shame to hide those assets’.  She took it to heart.

Krile, who’s ready to take a nap!  It’s adorable.

And finally, my time…

Not even 22 hours!  Pretty fast.

That’s all for the fiesta!  Thanks for reading, I hope you had as much fun reading as I did playing!  Maybe I’ll see you again next year!


FFV Fiesta #7 – The Pyramid of Doom and End-Game Prep

[Author’s Warning: This update contains a lot more images than usual, and less dialogue.  That is all.]

Alright, the Pyramid!  I hate this place.  Actually, I hate all of the tablet related dungeons.  Good thing this is the only required one!

Anyway, we try to walk in, and get attacked by these guys.  They aren’t difficult, but you have to kill them both at the same time, or else the one that died will be revived with full health… hard to manage without magic and with a Berserker.  Regardless, it gets done, and then we enter HELL ITSELF (part 1).

There is treasure everywhere, which would be great, but over half of them have monsters within.  And most of them are hard battles with undead folks, like this failure above.  The best part?  Almost all of it’s Dark Matter, a Mixing element.  That doesn’t sell for anything.  And combined with the high encounter rate and the swarms of enemies just running about on the map…

…It’s not the most fun experience.

But, after the slog of a dungeon, we get the first legendary tablet, and Bahamut appears from a mass of land to tell us to challenge him at the top of some Mountain.  Weird, though, about the lack of a boss battle… don’t fret too much, as trying to walk back to the Library gets a little detoured when we hit the Guardian Tree.  Lenna shows up, tries to kill us, then the demon controlling her gets separated from her body and we get to fight it.

Um, well, that’s… revealing.  Melusine is a complete and utter pushover.  She’s super weak to fire, which we can take advantage of via the Flamberge, but she can use Barrier Change, and it will make her absorb it instead, so you have to watch out for that if you take more than three turns to kill her (which, no one should).  Most importantly, though…

She can be confused via Tempting Tango.  Isn’t that just funny?  But whatever, sexy demon falls, and we get Lenna back.  Now…

Everyone’s back together!  Too bad all those villages got destroyed, though.  Anyway, at this point in the game, you’re supposed to go to the remaining shrines and get the other three tablets, so you can get all twelve legendary weapons.  In addition, there’s side quests for summons, getting the submarine, and the Mime class…

But why do any of that when I can do USEFUL things?  Let’s skip all that and take care of a few other matters, instead.

First stop is to get the three weapons available to me now.  I end up getting…

A powerful sword, with only a few things matching its attack power.  No special effects.

A good dagger, with the ability to sometimes cast Doom on enemies.  Neat. And…

Not as powerful as the Assassin’s Dagger, but you can use that MP to get a couple of criticals before running out.  I won’t be using it now, but it’s helpful for later.

That’s all the legendary weapons I need for the rest of the game.  Now, onto other things, such as…

The Magic Lamp is an awesome item for me.  It’ll summon the most powerful Summon (Bahamut), then move down the list until you get to the weakest summon before running dry.  You don’t need the summons to use it (at least I hope not… I’d be disappointed otherwise!), and you can refill it at any time by returning to the waterfall.  Very nice indeed.

I also go and grab the Chicken Knife.  While I had the chance to actually use the Brave Blade, when I got Dancer I just KNEW I had to get this.  You can make Dancers simply hardcore with it.

The Chicken Knife usually starts with 1 attack, but I already ran from a few battles.  Anyway, it gets up to 127 attack if you want it to, and it gets there by, you guessed it, running away from battle.  You get 1 attack every two times you escape.  Oh, here’s Sword Dance once it’s at 110 attack:

Delicious.  But, Sword Dance doing that much damage doesn’t mean much if it never turns up, but we can do things to make it MUCH more likely.  First stop for making the Dancer Destruction train:

The Phantom Village has some of the nicest stuff to buy, though it’s very expensive.  You can pick up Elixirs for 50k, as well as the accessories Hermes Sandals (gives you Haste, plus nulling some of the more summon status ailments), Coral Rings (absorbs Water, mandatory for fighting Shinryuu), and Flame Rings (absorbs Fire) for the same amount.  But we came here for something else…

Lamia’s Tiara is one equipment piece that helps Sword Dance proc more often, making Dancers just a bit more useful.  I forget which one exactly replaces Tempting Tango with a second Sword Dance, but there’s that, as well.

We also find a Thief’s Knife lying around the town, giving the user the ability to sometimes Mug the enemy and steal their item.  This is very useful in our next stop on the Dancer Destuction path… Phoenix Tower!

While I don’t need the summon (and didn’t get it), the enemies here have some useful items…

Parthenope had the dress, while Cherie had the slippers.  These are the other two items to make Sword Dancer appear more often… and now I’ve done all I can do to make them the best.  But, before I leave the tower, there are other items worth grabbing…

Cherie also dropped a pair of Hermes Sandals after one battle.  The extra Gil from stealing extra stuff helped fund getting stuff from the Phantom Town, too.  I bought four Coral Rings, a couple Flame Rings, and three Sandals.  I didn’t buy any Elixirs, but I can always come back later if I’m worried.

That wraps it up for my end-game preparations, and here’s my stats and final class arrangements.  Who needs legendary weapons when you’ve got a Dancer on your side?  So, next time…

FFV Fiesta #6: Storming the Real Evil Fortress

Alright, Exdeath.  You killed Galuf, you killed… that other Dawn Warrior, you’ve caused me countless grief… LET’S FINISH THIS.

Well… a problem, though.  The castle is just a big old dead end.  What a downer.  Is there no way forward?

Well, Krile’s basically the only member that can use magic, speak to animals… and well, do anything before picking up some crystals, so I’ll trust her.  However, the party just sits around while Kelger sacrifices himself to reveal the way.  From his bed halfway across the world.  Somehow.  And also, all the Dawn Warriors are dead.  That’s, well… unfortunate.  So, what did the werewolf’s sacrifice reveal?

OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?!  I preferred the regular walls and NOT screaming skulls, thanks.

…So onward.  Exdeath’s castle, as you might think, is not very friendly.  However, there is one thing that makes the climb excruciating…

Dragons.  God forsaken Dragons. Dragons are so scary that Krile simply flees the battle in terror (I don’t know what the heck happened to her in that picture).  Dragons typically are only dangerous when you first fight them; then you realize they are elemental, and therefore have elemental weaknesses, and can smash them pretty fast.  However… I do not have that advantage, with only some Wind-based Geomancy and a Flamberge at my disposal.  Dragons also have a powerful (non-magical!) attack of their element they can use, and it will HURT.  I died to Dragons multiple times in the dungeon… not as much as the boss, but enough that I feared them, even when there was only one.  Of course, the game could also be kinda mean about it…

Sure, it only looks like one dragon… but see that number?  Three.  That’s right, THREE BLUE DRAGONS freaking attacked me.  That’s not even fair.

Enough ranting about Dragons.  After climbing most of the castle, you get to a chest in a large room, all alone.  You could ignore the chest and move on, but who on earth would ignore free stuff?  Anyway, the chest is empty (I hate looters that aren’t me), and one would sigh and move on.  However…

Oh.  You.  JERK.  Naturally, we try to beat the stuffing out of him.  You can click the picture above for the epic fight, which I highly recommend because of Gilgamesh’s fine banter.  Oh, and we succeed to beat the stuffing out of him, and get this for our troubles:

Oh, Gilgamesh… you will be missed.

Exdeath has taken yet another life, and it’s time to make HIM PAY, DAMNIT.

That’s… well, easier said than done.  Exdeath starts easy, but the more you hurt him, the faster he goes, until he gets to do three attacks consecutively.  It’s honestly pretty hard to keep everyone alive when he throws Vacuum Wave (~1000 damage), Thundaga (~600 damage, depending on the target), and a physical attack (~60 damage… but STILL) all at once.  I couldn’t handle it at first… He had Level 3 Flare, and I was 33, so I had to go level up.  Then, I learned he had Level 2 Old, so I went to level up again.  That level wasn’t enough, either, so… I decided to go back to the earlier floors of the castle (where there AREN’T DRAGONS) and grind for levels and Reflect Rings.  A little while later…

I’m at 37, but I didn’t pick up a Reflect Ring.  I wasn’t going to grind anymore, since I couldn’t face Exdeath again until level 41 with the Level spells and all.  So, I go with this set-up, though there’s a change… Bartz mastered Knight on the way back up, so I switched him to Berserker and gave him Equip Sword, so he could have a shield and the higher accuracy weapon, basically making him more of an auto-attacking Knight.  How’d it all go?

He dies!  Of course, Lenna died too.  She always dies.  Anyway, you can click above for a video, if you want to see Exdeath’s face smashed in.

So, we save the world, though the crystals break, and somehow end up right near Castle Tycoon.  We have a party, Faris is secretly hot (though it’s not a huge secret when she’s a Dancer…), and Krile and Bartz run off to do cool stuff.  Cool stuff involves falling in holes that are infested with monsters.

We beat up an Antlion, have Faris rope-tease us for a solid three minutes before letting us up, and she rejoins the group.  Where’s Lenna, you wonder?  She’s a princess, geez.  She’s in the castle still.  Onward, we find Ghido.  He’s still sort of a jerk.

Of course, Bartz doesn’t help much be being a parrot and repeating every little thing that he sa–

–Wait, ‘worlds merging’?

Huh, I guess they really DID merge.  Well, it doesn’t look so lonely now.

Meanwhile, Exdeath appears and messes everyone up, then unleashes the Void on Castle Tycoon and sucks up the entire place, with Lenna in it.  Great, I love not having party members.  So, story and plot, then we’re sent off to the pyramid to find a tablet, that we can use to unlock some of the twelve legendary weapons that have been sealed away for a time like this.

So, here’s how everyone looks at the start of the merged world (or World 3, if you will).  Of course, Lenna isn’t around, being thrown into the Rift and all.  Next time, we’ll go to one of the worst dungeons ever, and some other stuff.  Stick around!

FFV Fiesta #5: Beating Down a Ton of Foes

When we last left our heroes, they were still escaping from Exdeath’s Castle.  Which wasn’t too hard, but now we have to get across the BIG BRIDGE.

(Click above for a video!) Of course, Gilgamesh gets a beatdown.  I got a little worried when he started Jumping me, but it wasn’t as threatening as it looked.

Of course, the heroes get blown to the other side of the world by a barrier (?!).

Who-knows-where has a lot of swamps.

Behold the instant-death abilities of the Bottomless Bog!

Behold buying Hi-Potions!

Behold making a living as a bar dancer (click the picture for a video)!

Anyway, we eventually get saved from Nowheres-ville via Moogle psychic abilities.  We fought a boss during then, but the skeleton wasn’t anything to write home about.  Story happens, and eventually I have to fight…

Dragon Pod (Another video to click on above!).  This guy can be a massive pain, sprouting flowers that can inflict status ailments.  However, this was undermined with Gaia’s Cave-In and Earthquake, plus the Dancer being able to equip the Ribbon.  All in all, it went well.

After this, we go to storm the Barrier Tower with Xveat.  Unfortunately, my pictures and video from the boat fighting didn’t save, but you can be rest assured that Gilgamesh got his face beaten in for a third time.  Enkido died with one Berserker hit, too.

Dragons, on the other hand, promptly beat my face in a few times on the walk up.  Also, the Blood Sword has terrible accuracy, and activating Sword Dance with it equipped does NOT give you 4x damage.  It’s like a double fail.

Atomos looks scary, and to be honest, when he starts trying to suck in your friends’ dead corpses, it doesn’t help that image much.

Galuf laughs in the face of death, however, and Atomos falls.  Bartz doesn’t think it’s so funny.

Let’s fast forward a bit in the story.  Ghido’s a bit of a jerk, the party finds out that Exdeath is basically a tree, and they run off to his birthplace, for one reason or another.  Upon reaching the Guardian Tree of the Moore Forest, however, we run into these guys:

Oh, these crystals.  Really, screw them.  They are quite the challenge for a normal playthrough… trying to fight these guys with Job limits is absolutely maddening.  Each crystal represents an element: Right is Water, top is Fire, bottom is Earth, and left is Wind.  They will only attack you normally… until you get them low on health, when the crystal starts spamming a high powered move of its element… and one that’ll hit the whole party, at that.  So, obviously, you should try not to knock multiple crystals to low health at once… a bit of a difficulty with a Berserker, and it doesn’t allow me to use Gaia either, with what not being able to pick my targets with it.

It took me about five tries before I realized this.  My Knight had a Flame Shield, which absorbs fire damage.  So, if I activate the top crystal, it can heal me while I whittle the others down.  Unfortunately… the crystals fall out of sync, so eventually the low-health crystal in the back uses Aeroga on Lenna twice and kills her.  After about seven more attempts, I just go and grind out about four levels.  Which didn’t help… but you know what did?  Everyone being able to dance.  Seriously.

Sword Dance saved the day… let me explain.  I followed the strategy that I stated earlier: I activated the top crystal, and used its Firaga to heal Knight Faris while I defeated the Water and Earth crystals.  However, when I got to the Wind Crystal, I realized that Aeroga simply did too much damage to a single target to stay alive.  So I killed the Fire crystal, revived and fully healed everyone, and then started dancing (including Galuf, who had a Dancing Dirk).  Once he started casting Aeroga, I was worried, but… Faris pulled off a Sword Dance right when I was getting worried, and won the day.  Actually, it makes it a little ironic that the Dancer is the only one dead at the end of the battle.

However, this is no time to celebrate, since Exdeath ruined the party (you can click the picture for another video).  Galuf, however, danced in the face of ultimate evil itself, and came out… well… I’d love to say alright.

…But… Well, Galuf, you were a fine man.  And the finest party member.  You will be missed.  More importantly, however, you will be AVENGED.

LET’S GO TEACH EXDEATH A THING OR TWO ABOUT EX…DEATH… okay that ruined it.  Next time.

FFV Fiesta #4: Earth Classes and Storming Evil Fortresses

Alright, the final classes!  Well, for the Fiesta, anyway… there’s still the Mime class, as well as the four new classes unique to FFV Advance, but I won’t be using any of those.  In no particular order, the Earth Classes are Samurai, Dancer, Chemist, and Dragoon.  Most of these classes go well with my party: Samurai would help me be even more damaging physically; Dragoon a little less so than Samurai, but Jump would be really useful; and Chemist would give me some well needed healing.  Of course, because of this…

I get Dancer.  And yes, I skipped forward in time a bit so that Galuf could model; he leaves the party immediately after the Earth Crystal shatters, so you’ll be without him for a little bit.  Anyway, the Dancer class.  Oh boy, Dancers.

Dancers… well, Dance in battle.  When you use the Dance command, one of four dances will happen randomly: Tempting Tango confuses the enemy; Jitterbug hits the enemy and heals the user for ~400 HP; Mystery Waltz drains ~50 MP; Sword Dance does about 4x normal attack damage.  Obviously, Sword Dance is the best of these, but to make the Dancer really good requires certain equipment and possibly skills as well.  Basically, my Dancer will likely get to shine end-game, by me either using the Chicken Knife (Dancers can only wield daggers) or the Knight’s Equip Swords ability, coupled with the pieces of armor that make Sword Dance replace Tempting Tango… but none of that will be available for a while, so I’m sorta gimped until that time comes.

The other interesting thing is the Dancer is their equipment; there are multiple pieces of armor that only they can equip, the first you run into being the Ribbon.  Some Dancer equipment is actually pretty good, too!

Now, the Dancer’s skills. At Level 1 you learn Flirt, which is a command that possibly makes the enemy miss an attack. Level 2 nets you the ability to dance as another job.  Level 3 gives you Equip Ribbon, which as the name does not imply, allows you to wear any Dancer exclusive equipment.  To be honest, none of these are particularly useful… maybe in tandem you could make a cool Dancer Knight, but you can only equip one secondary skill at a time, so not really.

Along the one of updates, there isn’t much.  I mainly wanted to get the class update out of the way… updates will also be a little different from now on, since I don’t have the new jobs to separate them up nicely.  Anyway, highlights:

Galuf went back to his home planet, so we had to fight three bosses without him.

Titan wasn’t too hard, but he did get a little mad at the end…

These guys, though, were less than easy.  When you kill one, they cast Arise, reviving ALL of the other Purobolos.  After two failures, and Gaia magic failing to use the same skill the whole fight, I resorted to simply Guarding until they all Self-Destructed on me.  Which, by the way, does not trigger Arise.  Whoo!

The third boss was a pushover.  I don’t remember its name.

And now, off to a new world, and to help the old man!

Except not, because everyone gets captured by Exdeath. Great work!

So, Galuf is a badass and storms Exdeath’s castle BY HIMSELF to save everyone else.  And he even beats the crap out of Gilgamesh, which while I didn’t take a screenshot of, that video will give an ever BETTER effect.  Next time I’ll at least take a screen so at you can click on the picture or something.

And, everyone’s saved and reunited. Joy!  This is everyone at the proper start of the second world… and a good time to end the update!  Nope, I haven’t even finished escaping Exdeath’s castle yet… which is bound to be eventful, so stay tuned.

FFV Fiesta #3: Fire Classes and the Berserker Sisters

Another day, another time to play with new classes!  The Fire Crystal Jobs are, in no particular order this time: Beastmaster, Geomancer, Ninja, Bard, and Ranger.  You can see Beastmaster and Ninja is you look hard enough above… As for Bard and Ranger, you actually don’t get the classes right away, you find them a little later in the story.  Ah, but what about Geomancer, you ask?  No worries:

Geomancer is the class that Gilgabot picked for me!  Time to go into detail… which unfortunately doesn’t have any screenshots, because I didn’t know what to even take pictures of.  Anyway…

Geomancers are a magic-based class, meaning that they have lower defense, but higher magical defense.  In addition, they wear light armor, so they cannot make up for that difference unless they learn the Knight’s Equip Armor ability… but really, why would you waste your space on that?

For weapons, Geomancers can use Daggers and Bells.  Bells are… man, I don’t know, I haven’t even used one yet… and just for the record, every job can use daggers, so there you have that.

In battle, where the Geomancer shines is the Gaia ability.  When the Gaia ability is cast, the Geomancer takes the terrain around him and attacks the enemy with it.  For example, if you’re on a normal field, he will cast Gust or Earthquake.  In the forest, he’ll probably cast Leaf Slash, and so on.  The spells have random elements and effects, so the Geomancer is usually only helpful in certain scenarios, especially since you could just choose whatever element spells as a Black or Blue Mage and not have to roll the dice.  Of course, I don’t have that option, so I’m just happy I got a magic based class.

Geomancers are more typically used for their out-of-battle utilities, which they learn through leveling-up.  Level 1 lets them use Gaia in another Job.  Level 2 gives the Find Pits ability, so you can see pitfalls and properly avoid them, which is pretty nice.  Finally, Level 3 give you Light Step, meaning you won’t take damage from harmful floors.

That’s about it for the Geomancer, an overall abnormal Job with various degrees of usefulness.  Well, at least I can do some elemental damage now, even if I don’t know WHAT kind it’ll always be.

This update’s a little light on the highlights.  There was a fair amount of plot going on, but nothing really interesting… except that jerk Sandworm, but we’ll get to that.  Here we go.

Despite Byblos casting Protect every time we’d hit him with a physical, he was sort of a pushover.  It just came down to the Berserker Sisters whaling on him while Galuf used Gaia and Bartz attacked and healed.

…I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m using two Berserkers.  Well, since I have Knight, Berserker, and Geomancer, I figured that instead of having two Knights, I’d rather get the damage increase and not be able to control the character than having to just press A all the time.

Moving along…

NPCs don’t lie!

Chocobos eating Jobs!

Buying things I can’t use!

Spoiling plot twists early with blog titles!

This.  This jerk is the first real problem I’ve had in the Fiesta.  Let me explain about the sandworm.  He constantly moves about those three holes, making him a pain to hit.  Using magic is ill-advised, according to Mid, but really, I don’t know if it makes a difference.

Now, this doesn’t sound too bad, you’ll just hit the holes every once and a while on accident, and waste an attack, right?  Wrong.  Oh, so, wrong.  If you hit a hole, it’ll cast Gravity (!?) on you, halving someone’s HP.  Coupled with the Sandworm’s attack, which hits for a flat 60 damage to everyone and drains HP for a long while afterwards, it’s very dangerous to hit holes.

…Remember how you can’t control Berserkers?  AT ALL?

…Yeah, Berserkers aren’t the best class to use here.  Gaia also picks a random target, so you can’t use that either… But, being the Fiesta, I have to have one of each, so I’ll have to make due!  So, after changing about jobs and praying that the stars align…

I finally won.  Sure, Faris and Galuf died, I used damn near all my Elixirs, and I probably only won because Faris actually HIT the boss once, but I won.  And that’s great.

That’s about it for the update.  Next time, you’ll see the Earth Jobs and… well, probably a couple other things.  Like me sobbing.  Until then.