Before & After the Sequel

Fan works are great.  Depending on the series, fan games can be an extension of an already great gameplay or story, a completely different experience with a familiar shell, or in the case of Sonic fan games, reliving old times.  Many Sonic fan games try to emulate the style of the Genesis classics, with varying degrees of success.  I usually try to stay away from these types of fan games; why play something LIKE the classics when I can just play the classics themselves?  Sonic: Before the Sequel, however, is an exception… it’s masterfully created and downright fun.

This fan game takes place in the time between the original Sonic and Sonic 2, attempting to explain how Sonic met with Tails and other random bits.  The story, however, doesn’t matter compared to the gameplay.  Built from the ground up instead of being a ROM hack, it really feels like an enhanced version of the classics.  The stages and bosses are all new, but it plays and looks almost just like the Genesis games.  You can tell how much love was put into the game… and it’s even better when you see it in action.  Despite the trailer saying the game is coming out soon, though, the game is already out, and you can download it for free here.

It’s not over yet, though!  It gets better…

LakeFeperd (who really needs to get a homepage or blog or something!) were not fit to rest on their laurels.  He made a great Sonic fan game, and now he’s making a sequel.  Yes, a sequel to the game that came BEFORE the sequel.  Sonic: After the Sequel comes after the events of Sonic 2, as you might gather, and promises to be another great old-school flavored Sonic romp.  The video doesn’t disappoint, either!  This one hasn’t been released yet, but there is a playable demo available to give you a taste of more Sonic goodness.

In a swath of Sonic fan games, these really stand out as products of love and design skill.  Give them a try–if you like the Genesis Sonic games, you’ll likely love these!