No, Really, It’s Okay To Look Stuff Up for Breath of the Wild

I beat Breath of the Wild yesterday.  I really enjoyed it!  It’s probably my new favorite Zelda game.  I’ve never been the hugest fan of open world games, but Breath of the Wild made me want to explore the world and the almost 60 hours I spent on the game flew by in a snap.  It really is a special experience.

While playing through the game, I did notice a lot of people saying the same things over and over, though:

“How do you know about x?  Don’t look anything up!  It ruins the game!”
“Make sure to play in Pro Mode and find everything yourself.  It’s no fun with the minimap!”
“Breath of the Wild isn’t as fun if you look stuff up!”

Okay… look.  No, it’s okay to look things up if you want to.  I promise.  I mean, I don’t recommend looking up every single thing the game has to offer, that would suck the fun out of most games, but it’s really not game breaking to maybe look up the solution to a shrine puzzle or something every once and a while.

Some will decry that as making BOTW a lesser experience, but here me out.  There are plenty of different types of gamers out there.  I, personally, am the type that really enjoys exploring stuff on their own, but I’m really not afraid to look something up if it frustrates me.  I always give it a good college try, but if I feel frustration set in, I’m done, I’m looking up a solution.  For me, I don’t want my feelings of frustration to override my feelings of fun.

In BOTW, that point of frustration got to me in the Gerudo Divine Beast.  They aren’t exactly the hardest puzzles, I’m sure, but the layout and gimmick of the puzzle were frankly a style that I have trouble with.  My mind just doesn’t like trying to figure out those types of puzzles.  Eventually, frustration set in and I decided… well, I only got one terminal in an hour, I’m just going to look up the solutions.

Instead of stuck being in that darn dungeon for hours, I decided that it would be best to get through it as painlessly as possible and just move on.  And you know what?  That’s okay!

I went through the majority of Breath of the Wild not looking much up.  I did look up the location of one of the memories (those that have found them all probably know which one… really, the picture is so nondescript), and a couple random sidequest things, but just looking up the little things I did look kept the frustration at bay and made the whole of the game that much more enjoyable.

So yeah, it’s okay to look stuff up.  Really, it is.

And Pro Mode?  Please.  I get lost enough with the minimap on, I don’t need to make it that much worse.  That sensor noise can go die in a fire, though.


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