Weekly Gaming Update #10 – Let Me Tell You All The Ways You Can Die

Ways I’ve died in Breath Of The Wild:

  • Lasers
  • Falling off cliffs
  • Getting hit off cliffs
  • Lyonels
  • Jumped in ice cold water
  • More lasers
  • Pressing the attack button instead of the glide button in the air

I also almost died by stepping on someone’s flowers.  Good times.

New Games Started:

Metal Gear Rising: Revengence – In Progress

Games Beaten:

Style Savvy: Fashion Forward
This was pretty fun!  I will admit the general gameplay loop can get tiresome after a while, and only being allowed to have 1,000 clothing items at the store was really a pain (look, dresses and earrings don’t take up the same amount of room, okay?), but I really enjoyed it overall.  Well actually, I didn’t like fixing up people’s make up that much compared to hair and clothes, but it’s easy enough to ignore it most of the time.  I wish it was just a bit easier to unlock the colors, though… having season dependent colors makes sense, but it’s also a pain.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
I didn’t so much play this game as watch it.  So many cutscenes.  I got so used to the cutscenes that I got antsy when I played for more than 20 minutes without an interruption or infodump.  That ending, though… it just never ended.  I started the final act at 7:00PM, thinking I had enough time to get through everything before bed at 10PM, but… clearly I wasn’t expecting an hour and a half ending.  There was too much to process.  Also it’s very, very clear that 4 was supposed to be the end of the series storywise… I guess I can understand why people dislike The Phantom Pain’s plot.  Yes, I know it’s earlier in the Metal Gear timeline, but I’m going to guess that Kojima REALLY phoned that plot in.

In Progress:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
How I managed to beat two games while this is dominating the vast majority of my time, I could never tell you.  I love love love this game.  It’s amazing.  I just love exploring the areas, finding shrines and other little goodies.  I freed my first Divine Beast, and I’m up to… either 8 or 9 hearts, just a few more before I can get the Master Sword.  I can craft Ancient gear too, but I have to brave the Guardians to do so.  But man, I don’t even think I’ve explored half the map yet… I haven’t even gotten to the other three races’ villages yet!  I’ve only run across the Zoras so far, although a traveler told me where to find the Ritos… but of course, there are a bunch of Guardians along the way.  It’ll be a dangerous trek!

Metal Gear Rising: Revengence
What is happening?  Oh, Raiden, you have red blood now, that’s great!  Oh, but you probably shouldn’t be losing so much of it… Wait, are you really wearing a mariachi outfit?  Did you really just say, and I quote, “stealth ops are my specialty” when you literally cut through doors instead of opening them?  Wait I can buy the mariachi outfit and wear it for the rest of the game?  Cool, I won’t even bother to try to unpack whatever is happening in this insane game, then.

Goals for Next Week:

  • Finish up Metal Gear Rising, it’s quite short and it’ll knock out another game for my Metal Gear goal this year.
  • Just play more Breath of the Wild.

I did pretty well with progress this week, considering Breath of the Wild being in the picture.  See you next week!



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