Weekly Gaming Update #12 – How The Hell Did You Get Elected?

We are truly living in the Kojima timeline.

New Games Started:

Tokyo Jungle – In Progress
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition – In Progress

I also both started and dropped two Steam games this week. That’s something, right?

Games Beaten:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Holy shit, this game.  What a fantastic title.  I cannot sing its praises enough.  I was really skeptical of the game at first… I’m not a big fan of open world games.  But BOTW manages to make open world something amazing.  The 60 or so hours I spent on it flew by in a flash.  It’s definitely my favorite Zelda game.  Game of all time or something like that? Maybe not as much, but Breath of the Wild is something really, really special.

Lara Croft GO
This was a nice puzzle title, I liked it more than Hitman GO for sure.  The graphics were super nice, and I like how new mechanics and little hitches were unlocked right to the end.  It was a great lunchtime game.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengance
Man, this game is ridiculous, maybe more than the average Metal Gear game.  But it was pretty darn good.  I’m kind of glad the final three stages weren’t that long… with stages two, three, and four being so long, I was worried about a burnout.  But, it wraps up quickly enough.  I probably won’t play the DLC anytime soon, though, the main game was enough for me.

In Progress:

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
I’ve made it to Skillege, finally. My interest is flagging pretty quickly though, so I might just wait a while until I play again.  We’ll see how I feel in a couple days.

Tokyo Jungle
This sure is a strange game.  I really like it, though.  I’ve been working on unlocking animals in Survival Mode while grabbing the archives I need for Story Mode, so I feel progress is going decently enough.  I’m having a lot of trouble completing a few unlock challenges, though… one because, well, I’m a chick, and the other because I just have bad luck trying to kill the golden retrievers or something.  I should probably use some equipment… but that’s okay.  Cleared up to Act 7 of Story Mode, so I’m about halfway through.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition
Okay, so I only really booted up the game and played for about five minutes.  But I started it!  I’m definitely going to use a walkthrough for this one… I played through about half the game in the past, and I remember how terribly obtuse some of the puzzles were.  I’ll just get rid of that frustration, thanks!

Goals for Next Week:

Mainly, just to play random stuff and clear out just a bit more of the backlog before Persona 5 drops April 4th.  I should be able to get through Tokyo Jungle and a couple other games, if I want to.

Also, I’m going to decide about whether I’m ever going to play Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2, or MGS VR missions.  Well, actually I looked into Metal Gear 1 and realized what it was, so that’s already off the list.  I’ll have to decide on the other two soon, though.  It’s a probably on the VR missions, but I have no clue on 2 yet.

Well, see you next week.

No, Really, It’s Okay To Look Stuff Up for Breath of the Wild

I beat Breath of the Wild yesterday.  I really enjoyed it!  It’s probably my new favorite Zelda game.  I’ve never been the hugest fan of open world games, but Breath of the Wild made me want to explore the world and the almost 60 hours I spent on the game flew by in a snap.  It really is a special experience.

While playing through the game, I did notice a lot of people saying the same things over and over, though:

“How do you know about x?  Don’t look anything up!  It ruins the game!”
“Make sure to play in Pro Mode and find everything yourself.  It’s no fun with the minimap!”
“Breath of the Wild isn’t as fun if you look stuff up!”

Okay… look.  No, it’s okay to look things up if you want to.  I promise.  I mean, I don’t recommend looking up every single thing the game has to offer, that would suck the fun out of most games, but it’s really not game breaking to maybe look up the solution to a shrine puzzle or something every once and a while.

Some will decry that as making BOTW a lesser experience, but here me out.  There are plenty of different types of gamers out there.  I, personally, am the type that really enjoys exploring stuff on their own, but I’m really not afraid to look something up if it frustrates me.  I always give it a good college try, but if I feel frustration set in, I’m done, I’m looking up a solution.  For me, I don’t want my feelings of frustration to override my feelings of fun.

In BOTW, that point of frustration got to me in the Gerudo Divine Beast.  They aren’t exactly the hardest puzzles, I’m sure, but the layout and gimmick of the puzzle were frankly a style that I have trouble with.  My mind just doesn’t like trying to figure out those types of puzzles.  Eventually, frustration set in and I decided… well, I only got one terminal in an hour, I’m just going to look up the solutions.

Instead of stuck being in that darn dungeon for hours, I decided that it would be best to get through it as painlessly as possible and just move on.  And you know what?  That’s okay!

I went through the majority of Breath of the Wild not looking much up.  I did look up the location of one of the memories (those that have found them all probably know which one… really, the picture is so nondescript), and a couple random sidequest things, but just looking up the little things I did look kept the frustration at bay and made the whole of the game that much more enjoyable.

So yeah, it’s okay to look stuff up.  Really, it is.

And Pro Mode?  Please.  I get lost enough with the minimap on, I don’t need to make it that much worse.  That sensor noise can go die in a fire, though.

Weekly Gaming Challenge #11 – Hold That Pose Ganon

Bro, hold on a minute, I have to take a sweet shot of your face before I kill you.  You want to be remembered for the ages, right?  Don’t worry, I’ll post it on Instagram.

In Progress:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
This is what I’ve spent almost all of my free gaming time playing.  I probably have around 50 hours in the game right now.  I’ve freed all the Divine Beasts and unlocked the whole map… I’m probably going to find the final four memories I’m missing, maybe get my house set up, and then go and finally defeat Ganon.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengance
Okay, this is like impossible to take seriously, but I enjoy it.  And it’s short.  On R-05.

Lara Croft GO
I started this sometime last year, I’m at the second to last book.  I mainly play it on my phone during lunch breaks.  It’s a great mobile game, really.

Goals for Next Week:

I don’t have any, really.  I’m making decent progress in all the games I’m playing, even though I focused on playing Zelda the majority of the time.  I’ll probably beat all three next week!  I guess that is the goal, after all.

See you next week!

Weekly Gaming Update #10 – Let Me Tell You All The Ways You Can Die

Ways I’ve died in Breath Of The Wild:

  • Lasers
  • Falling off cliffs
  • Getting hit off cliffs
  • Lyonels
  • Jumped in ice cold water
  • More lasers
  • Pressing the attack button instead of the glide button in the air

I also almost died by stepping on someone’s flowers.  Good times.

New Games Started:

Metal Gear Rising: Revengence – In Progress

Games Beaten:

Style Savvy: Fashion Forward
This was pretty fun!  I will admit the general gameplay loop can get tiresome after a while, and only being allowed to have 1,000 clothing items at the store was really a pain (look, dresses and earrings don’t take up the same amount of room, okay?), but I really enjoyed it overall.  Well actually, I didn’t like fixing up people’s make up that much compared to hair and clothes, but it’s easy enough to ignore it most of the time.  I wish it was just a bit easier to unlock the colors, though… having season dependent colors makes sense, but it’s also a pain.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
I didn’t so much play this game as watch it.  So many cutscenes.  I got so used to the cutscenes that I got antsy when I played for more than 20 minutes without an interruption or infodump.  That ending, though… it just never ended.  I started the final act at 7:00PM, thinking I had enough time to get through everything before bed at 10PM, but… clearly I wasn’t expecting an hour and a half ending.  There was too much to process.  Also it’s very, very clear that 4 was supposed to be the end of the series storywise… I guess I can understand why people dislike The Phantom Pain’s plot.  Yes, I know it’s earlier in the Metal Gear timeline, but I’m going to guess that Kojima REALLY phoned that plot in.

In Progress:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
How I managed to beat two games while this is dominating the vast majority of my time, I could never tell you.  I love love love this game.  It’s amazing.  I just love exploring the areas, finding shrines and other little goodies.  I freed my first Divine Beast, and I’m up to… either 8 or 9 hearts, just a few more before I can get the Master Sword.  I can craft Ancient gear too, but I have to brave the Guardians to do so.  But man, I don’t even think I’ve explored half the map yet… I haven’t even gotten to the other three races’ villages yet!  I’ve only run across the Zoras so far, although a traveler told me where to find the Ritos… but of course, there are a bunch of Guardians along the way.  It’ll be a dangerous trek!

Metal Gear Rising: Revengence
What is happening?  Oh, Raiden, you have red blood now, that’s great!  Oh, but you probably shouldn’t be losing so much of it… Wait, are you really wearing a mariachi outfit?  Did you really just say, and I quote, “stealth ops are my specialty” when you literally cut through doors instead of opening them?  Wait I can buy the mariachi outfit and wear it for the rest of the game?  Cool, I won’t even bother to try to unpack whatever is happening in this insane game, then.

Goals for Next Week:

  • Finish up Metal Gear Rising, it’s quite short and it’ll knock out another game for my Metal Gear goal this year.
  • Just play more Breath of the Wild.

I did pretty well with progress this week, considering Breath of the Wild being in the picture.  See you next week!


Weekly Gaming Update #9 – I Couldn’t Resist Zelda

I hadn’t planned on buying Breath of the Wild right away.  But the utterly fantastic reviews and confirmation that the Wii U version was largely the same (even performance wise) as compared to the Switch version made me take the plunge.  It was a little hard to find a copy in town, though… thank goodness for mom and pop shops!

Okay, let’s get to it.

New Games Bought:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
I explained above.

New Games Started:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – In Progress

In Progress:

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
I started this back when I beat the original Metal Gear Solid during my Summer Gaming Challenge last year, but only played for an hour or so before getting distracted.  However, I have a goal of attempting to beat all the Metal Gear series games I own (which is… all of them, as it turns out), so might as well continue this one first!  I’m in Act 3 now, I don’t really know what’s going on… This one is even weird than 2, and there are just a TON of cutscenes.  Lots of info dumps.  The gameplay is still fun, of course.

Style Savvy: Fashion Forward
I took a bit of a break but I’m back at this.  I’m working towards hosting the third fashion show one, and I believe once that’s done I’ve beaten the game.  So cool!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Played for a few hours, climbed things, died in silly ways.  I’m just about to leave the Plateau and I’m just having a blast.  Can’t wait to play more!

Goals for Next Week:

Make sure other games don’t fall by the wayside for more Breath of the Wild.

We’ll see how well I hit that goal next week.