Weekly Gaming Update #7 – I’m free

Is being free a state of mind, though?  Are we ever truly free?  There’s some pretentious pseudo-philosophy for you this week.

New Games Bought:

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
It was $10 at Gamestop, and I resisted… but then is was $10 at Amazon, so I had to grab it for the PS4.  I was going to just skip it and get Next Order sometime, but the price is in that ‘impulse buy’ range.  I don’t know when I’ll get to it, though.

Games Beaten:

LISA: The Joyful
I got the Lisa epilogue, at least, and the ending were Buddy doesn’t turn into a Joy monster.  I still have so many questions left though… I realize that the series just isn’t supposed to answer all your questions about with pages of exposition and extreme plot twists… and while a lot is just left up to vague theorizing with The Painful, the thing about The Joyful is that it gives you those glimpses into what’s “really” happening, and just a bit about the mad plot that’s happening to this slice of the planet. But it doesn’t go anywhere with it.  It’s a tad frustrating, but that’s just the nature of a cruel world, I guess.  In the end, LISA is a tale of a fucked up family in a fucked up world, and it pulls off the tale wonderfully.

In Progress:

Style Savvy: Fashion Forward
I think I’m making good progress.  I have quite a few booths unlocked, and I’m working on getting tickets sold for the second fashion show.  The game loop is fun, but it can also get pretty tiring (everyone wants a girly outfit, come on game), so I really like playing it in hour bursts.  Also I really don’t like doing makeup… but doing hair is fun!

If My Heart Had Wings
I’ve really warmed up to this one.  The characters are becoming a bit more endearing, particularly Kotori… which is good, because it’s clear the story is as much about her as it will be about the ‘Soaring Club’.  I’ll go for her path first, as least (and not just because I can’t access two other paths without completing hers first…)

Goals For Next Week:

I still want to just start a bunch of games… but I really want to at least get through some of these games I’m in the middle of first.  I think I’ll start Atelier Sophie soon, though, it’s always nice to have a relaxing game to delve into during the week.

That about does it!  Hopefully next week won’t be huge with a ton of games in progress.

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