Weekly Gaming Challenge #5 – I Have Nothing Witty

It’s a rather slow week.

Games Beaten:

2064: Read Only Memories – What a fantastic, wonderfully written, vibrant game.  It is well worth everyone and anyone should at least give it a try.  It’s a great adventure game, and the puzzles are not stupid obtuse or anything like the older games.  I really just want to keep gushing about this game, but I don’t even want to spoil it.

In Progress:

Pokemon Sun – I’ve technically beaten this game, but now I’m just working on completing my Pokedex, and then my living Sun Pokedex as extension of that.  I’m doing really well thus far–My living Dex is around 82%, and I’ve yet to go off and catch the Ultra Beasts or Totem Pokemon.  I am a little upset I don’t seem to have a Garchomp, though… But otherwise, it’s pretty smooth sailing.

Goals for New Week:

  • Probably try to play something.  Maybe the other two Steam games I want to play?

That about does it!  We’ll see how I do next week.



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