Weekly Gaming Update #4 – Thinking About Burpees

Who the hell called them burpees, anyway?  Such an unattractive name.  And how does a random fantasy knight know what burpees are?  Life is full of mysteries.

New Games Started:

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – In Progress

Games Beaten:

Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
This one…. I’ve ended up with mixed feelings of.  The majority of the game was pretty nice… as I got to the later chapters, I was thankful for maps that I had to us actual strategy for, unlike Birthright and its “take these three characters and wipe out the whole map” level of difficulty.  My party was also sort of weird–I had a few really good units, but only one could really take more than two hits by the Endgame, so I wasn’t even able to split up my party on some chapters.  But, the Endgame chapter introduced this new mechanic, and it was downright brutal… and combined with the face that I couldn’t save before the chapter made it so I lost four units along the way.  It really annoyed me.  I mean, I expected the final chapters to be really hard, but to not be able to save?  That sucks.  I might play Revelations in the future, but for now I’m good on Fire Emblem until Echoes comes out.

Crypt of the Necrodancer
This roguelike has a unique mechanic in that you’re supposed to play and attack to the beat.  It’s a neat mechanic.  After a short amount of time, I dropped that and decided to go with the Bard, who essentially makes the game into a regular rougelike.  That’s the only way I would have been able to beat it, since I’m pretty bad at rougelikes in the first place.  It’s not nearly as interesting as a regular rougelike, but it’s still not a bad game.

In Progress:

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare
I got through about half the game in two hours.  It’s an… interesting game, with some really out there storytelling.  I do wish it wouldn’t repeat itself, though.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
I’m about 30 hours in and still in the first big area.  So many sidequests.  The thing is, a lot of them are really interesting!  I’ve done a mix of sidequests and the main quests thus far, and boned Triss’s sweet sweet bum.  That’s what I’m supposed to do, right?

Goals for Next Week:

  • Start working on the games I want to beat in February (Shining Force II, LISA, and Read Only Memories)
  • Work on my Pokemon Sun Living Dex some more

Progress for the Year

4 New Games | 5 Beat Games | 0 Completed Games | 0 Master Runs | 0 Replays

That about does it!


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