Weekly Gaming Update #1 – Slow, but Steady

It’s Sunday, so it’s time for my first gaming update of 2017!  It’s been kind of a slow week for gaming for me… I’ve beaten a few short games, I’ve made progress in longer ones, and started one or two games.  I’m still working on what formats will work for me… so let’s just get to it.

New Games Started:

One Way Heroics – Beaten
Always Sometimes Monsters – In Progress

Games Beaten:

Life is Strange Episode 2: Out of Time
I’m not quite sure why it took me so long to get to this second episode after the first one.  I feel it starts off pretty slow in this episode but it picks up nicely.  I’m really mad I failed to save Kate, because it seemed like I was doing so well, then I got stuck with a decision that I had no way of really knowing the answer (or maybe I would have, should I had talked to her more?).  Still, in my experience, most episode 2’s of these types of games tend to be a bit slower than the rest of the series, so it’s not all bad.

Life is Strange Episode 3: Chaos Theory
Now it’s getting good.  I’m learning stuff, tension is running high, and it all felt pretty compact enough to not feel like it was dragging (unlike Episode 2 and its stupid bottle hunt).  I gotta admit though, Chloe is kind of a selfish person, like Christ.  Not that Max is a saint, she’s got her problems too, but Chloe is just way too much with the angst and the moodiness and being clingy… It’s only somewhat understandable.  That ending was a fantastic hook for the next episode, though.

One Way Heroics
I didn’t expect to beat this one so quickly.  I’m not terribly good at rougelikes, but then again it seems beating the Demon Lord on ‘Walk in the Park’ mode is… a walk in the park, if you have any sort of items whatsoever.  It’s an interesting premise, a rougelike with a huge world ending wall of death chasing you, but overall the gameplay is pretty damn basic and I feel a little too much relies on luck.  I was able to finish the game very easily as the Knight, whose shield absorbed a ton of damage, but as the Swordmaster I’ve been randomly oneshotted by enemies as I would try to explore the world, which is a bit frustrating.  Also, I’m not quite sure how to unlock other characters that aren’t the Archer… do I have to complete the challenge and then win, or can I die?  Oh well, it’s no matter.  I may come back to the game in the future, but for now, I’m done.

In Progress

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD
Just made it to the desert dungeon, so the fourth one?  I have a like-hate relationship with this Zelda game.  I have a lot of fun, but other times, like getting the Master Sword bit, frustrate me to no end.  At least now I have the ability to teleport wherever I need to go, and I used that to get all the bomb bags and get one upgrade to my wallet.  I’ve yet to even attempt collecting heart pieces, but to be honest I don’t feel much compulsion to complete this one in the first place.  I just needed to be able to hold more rupees and bombs.

Always Sometimes Monsters
I started this one on a whim, since it was already installed and I heard so many good things about it.  I’ve gotten to the second town and all I can really say about the game is… meh.  It’s not really what I expected it would be.  I thought I would have to make morally bankrupt decisions between a rock and hard place, but it really just doesn’t seem that way.  Thus far I’ve played my character somewhat straight, helping people when I can (and sometimes taking money when I shouldn’t–but I’m fricking homeless, I gotta care about myself at times), and so far it’s paid off.  I’m glad I helped the junkies and tried to make friends with my friend’s wife, and worked hard enough to have a stash of cash that I haven’t had to spend yet (I got a free ride to the second town, and supposedly also one from the third town to the last one).  I really don’t feel like much of a monster, or amoral or anything.  Just trying to get by so I can go to some dude’s wedding that I frankly don’t give two shits about.

Goals for Next Week

  • Get farther in Twilight Princess.  Maybe even get close to beating it!
  • Keep sifting through all these Steam games I have.  My Steam backlog is the biggest of them all, sitting at 26 games currently, and a fair amount of them are shorter than a lot of my console games.
  • Download Alan Wake’s American Nightmare on my boyfriend’s PC so I can play it.  It would work on my laptop that has… well, no dedicated graphics card.

Progress for the Year

0 New Games | 3 Beat Games | 0 Completed Games | 0 Master Runs | 0 Replays

That about does it!  See you next week!


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