Summer Gaming Challenge #3 – Kirby’s Adventure


Quick Info on Kirby’s Adventure:
Console  – Nintendo Entertainment System (released on Virtual Console and Kirby’s Dream Collection, and remade for the GBA as )
Release Year – 1993
Metacritic Score – 77 (This score is based on the 3D Classics remake)
Time it took to beat – 3h08m

The third game is down!  A little late on this one, since I already beat the fourth game of the Summer Challenge, but such is life.  Anyway.

Kirby’s Adventure is the second game in the very long running series starring the pink puff ball, but it’s the first one that really gives Kirby its identity.  It’s the first time Kirby is actually is pink, and more importantly the first game that Kirby is able to suck up enemies to gain special powers.  It’s also quite a bit longer than the original GB Kirby.

I had played a bit of Kirby’s Adventure in the past, though I never finished it… mainly because I was playing it on an emulator and didn’t actually own the game.  But, with Kirby’s Dream Collection on the Wii, I was able to finally play it legally… and since it was the last game in the collection that I actually hadn’t beaten yet, what better time to get to it than now?


I can’t believe how downright pretty this game is.  As an NES title, the game really pops with the background in particular, being extremely colorful.  Unfortunately it seems to lead to a fair amount of slowdown when there are a lot of enemies on the screen, which made a lot of the later stages a bit harder than they needed to be.

But honestly, I liked the challenge that Kirby’s Adventure provided, for the most part.  For me, a lot of the problems I have with the later Kirby games is that there is no challenge unless you go for the extra stuff–well, that and I didn’t like some of the weird mechanics of some of them (Kirby Mass Attack, I’m looking at you).  Kirby’s Adventure provides a decent challenge that doesn’t over do it, for the most part.  The final final boss was a bit of a pain, but otherwise it was a well balanced romp that you couldn’t just float through.

Of course, consider what game in the series this is, the gameplay is overall pretty basic.  That of course isn’t a bad thing… simplicity is when I think the Kirby series shines the most.  Instead of trying crazy experimental mechanics, the developers can focus on level design, and that’s great.

There’s not much else to say, Kirby’s Adventure is a great game.  Three for three so far for the Summer Gaming Challenge!  I’ll have a post up on game #4–Radiant Historia–soon.


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