No Game New Year

Oh yes, I’m going to do it.  I’m going to go an entire year without buying a new video game.

Yes, that sounds insane.  It probably is.  But I’ve decided to at least try and go through with it.  The Gaming Historian started this off last year (I believe), which the goal of enjoying games in his collection that got neglected.  As us gamers get older, we get more money to buy all the games we want… but far less time to play them.  So, backlogs tend to build up, and games get left off to the side to be ignored and forgotten.

No Game New Year is a bit of a solution to that.  By not buying any games over the course of the year, you get the chance to really delve into your backlog and enjoy what you have… kind of like we did as kids.  It clears out the backlog, saves a ton of money, and I suppose other things if your sentimental about the past or whatever.

That said, you don’t have to go the entire year without ever getting a new game ever.  Gifts are fine (it’d be rude to accept a gift!) as well as the occasional game purchase… but the purchases have to be funded by the games you’ve sold.

See, the other aspect of No Game New Year is ‘quality over quantity‘.  If you have an unusually large backlog, you might start going through these game and realize, ‘hey, this game isn’t fun… at all’, or ‘you know, this genre of game isn’t really for me’, and in that case, you’re encouraged to sell it.  After all, if you don’t like the game and won’t play it, why would you keep it, unless you have some sort of sentimental value to it?

So, in reality, it isn’t so hard… if you’re willing to part with some things.

Okay then, all that said, I do unfortunately have to make a small adjustment to this challenge to work for me… mainly, I have to still take review copies of games.  Since game reviewing makes me a decent bit of extra side money, it’d be counter-intuitive for me to stop reviewing games for a year in order to do the challenge.  If it seems like I’m cheating, I’m really not… I frankly don’t get too many games that I really want via review copies anyway; about half of the games I review are completely random things I barely heard much about before a copy was given to me.  So yeah.

Anyway, No Game New Year will even help on that aspect, as by extension of the ‘delve into backlog’ bit, I’ll be able to give more attention to these review games, something I really had trouble doing last year.  So it’s a double win!

Now that I got all of the explaining out of the way… what’s my gameplan?  Well, right now I have a few games I want to sell for a few bucks.  Additionally, I’m really thinking of selling some of my physical older games to get ‘upgraded’ digital versions.  Mainly, I’m looking at the first three Phoenix Wright titles and the GBA Fire Emblems.  Most of the money from those would go to… you know, buying those digital copies, but I’ll likely have some extra funds left over to add to the pool of funds.  My goal is to be able to buy Bayonetta 2 sometime this year.

On the playing aspect, right now I’m really trying to work through the PC games my aging laptop can run.  I decided to play To The Moon, which was interesting, and I struck Love from the backlog… for reasons I’ll explain in a later post.  For now I’m focusing on my Steam titles, but I’m tinkering with my GOG games I won and will probably move onto Desura later.  Not playing too much on the console front, for personal reasons (my living room’s a mess because of my cat so it’s not fun to use the TV), but soon I want to finish Super Mario 3D World and continue working through Atelier Totori.  I pre-ordered the special edition of Atelier Shallie, but that was last year, so I’m in the clear on that.  Too bad I’m missing Atelier Escha and Logy, though…

I’ll likely update on my progress every once and a while, randomly… namely if/when I buy or sell a good deal of stuff.  That’s about it, though!

Oh, and if you want to know more about No Game New Year, here’s the official post: [x]