Blog Direction from Now On… Until I Get Bored, Of Course

So yeah, time to talk about my blog’s direction from here until… the next time it changes direction, heh.  I’m going to start working on some more… analytical gaming posts, more opinionated “editorial” type stuff, but that’s also a pretty big shift from what The Word Dump’s been about for the last couple years (keeping tabs and writing updates about my gaming progress).  So, I will be dropping a good amount of the ‘update’ type posts; I will no longer be doing the monthly updates, since it’s something I don’t really wanna do anymore (and something I keep up better on the NeoGAF threads anyway).  I’ll still be doing write ups for that Steam Recommendation stuff that I swear I’m still doing, and likely for the Summer Gaming Challenge when that comes, but for the most part those won’t be showing up anymore.  Granted, if I feel like writing a straight-up review of something, I will, but seeing as I’m doing that for Game Podunk and RPGSite, it’s not very likely.

Also, in terms of moving old posts over here (this IS The Word Dump, after all), I still have a couple in the queue that I’m too lazy to find pictures for and post, and then from there I’ll be moving most of my Game Podunk blog, The Dusty Corner, over here.  I haven’t written in that blog for quite a while now, and I might as well integrate the posts in here.

That’s about it.  See you soon!

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