Gaming Update – January 2014

My gaming updates are going to look a bit different from now on.  Because I’m posting and taking part in NeoGAF’s Backlog Blitz, I’ll more or less be copy/pasting parts of my posts here.  You might think it’s a cop-out… and it is slightly, but the post more or less encompasses what I write here every month, so no need to really write it all again!  With that, here’s my January update:

My Backloggery
52 Games – 1 Year Challenge

End of January Update (1/31)
Bought in 2014: 3
January (3)

  • Two Brothers
  • DemiKids: Dark Version
  • Chibi-Robo

Beaten in 2014: 4
January (4)

  • Tales of Destiny
  • Hector Episode 2: Senseless Acts of Justice
  • New Super Mario Bros. U
  • Drakengard

Thoughts on my beaten games (from the Challenge thread):

Game 1: Tales of Destiny – 24h3m
# [Started in 2013] It took a lot of motivation (and a FAQ) to work through the final areas. Overall a great game, I just don’t have the patience for vague puzzles anymore.

Game 2: Hector Badge of Carnage Episode 2: Senseless Acts of Justice – ~2h
# [Beat Episode 1 in 2013] I really dislike these games. I’m only playing them to get them out of my unfinished percentage on Backloggery.

Game 3: New Super Mario Bros. U – 7h54m
# [Started in 2013] Stopped in the middle of last year in World 3, decided to go back to in the new year and finish it. I do enjoy the game, and the graphics look neat too, of course. Those World 8 stages were sort of bastardly, though.

Game 4: Drakengard – 14h6m
# [Ending A] This game pretty much sucks.

As for next month, it’ll probably be filled with Bravely Default and scrambling to beat more RPGs.  Also real life will probably get in the way of both a lot.  See you at the end of February!


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