2013 In Review – Gaming Stats Side

This isn’t a top 10 2013 games list or anything; I’ve actually already made one of those.  Instead, I want to look at my statistics of the games I’ve gotten and beaten, and an overview of what I’ve done, what I haven’t done, and how much I failed at slaying my backlog.  Also, it’ll have lots of numbers.  Let’s get to it!

I have received 152 new games this year.  Wow!

Out of those:

  • I won 32 of those games (mostly from winning someone’s Good Old Games account)
  • 12 were review copies
  • 5 games are from Club Nintendo
  • 6 more I got for free from other methods
  • I got one bundle (Build a Doujin Bundle), giving me 5 games on the cheap
  • I received 3 import titles, but I can only play 2 (the third is in Japanese)
  • I paid full price for 15 games (though most were cheaper downloadable titles)

151 might seem like a big number, but in all reality it’s far less than the massive amount of games I bought last year (191).  Of course, last year was more or less the ‘year of the indie bundle’, and I bought a ton of them.  Now, I own most of the indie games I care about via these bundles, and most don’t have enough games that really appeal to me anymore, which is why I only bought one bundle this year.  Also, I actually won a good portion of games this year, mostly from grabbing someone’s GOG account.  His account has about 40 games in it, and about 25 or so that I hadn’t already owned.  Finally, my writing gigs help hook me up with some games, too.  So all in all, while I got a bunch of games this year, I spent significantly less money than usual.  That’s a win in my book (but not to my backlog)!


This year, I beat 47 games, completed 11 games, and attempted no master runs.  Some random notes on these:

  • 17 of these games I beat in April, as part of a challenge
  • 2 of the games I completed were games I beat already that required completion; the others fell in the “beat=complete” field, like the Telltale games

To be honest, I wanted to beat my beat/complete all time high numbers (47 beat in 2009, 14 complete in 2011), but I’ve only tied my high beat amount, and am still short on my complete amount.  I still may still topple the record, as I’m playing a game for review now and have to finish it soon, but I should get this post out before the end of the year and I have plenty of other things to write about for the end of this year.  Maybe I’ll do a marathon of Telltale games at the end of the year if I’m able and knock that completion percentage up…


Console Elimination Round [x]
System – PS1
Progress – 1/12 beat
Time Left – Over

Summer Gaming Challenge (2013) [x]
Special – PS1 and Wii games only
Progress – 3/10 beat
Time Left – Over

A-Z Challenge [x]
Progress – 24/25 games beat (no ‘Q’ game)
Time Left – Over

Steam Recommendations [x]
Progress – 3/37 beat
Games Beat this Year – 1 (Portal 2)
Time Left – Infinite

Beat 20 Games in April (Challenge)
Progress – 17/20

I did a really, really bad job completing any marathons this year.  The one marathon I set up for myself this year (The Console Elimination Round) went absolutely terribly for me.  The only game I beat was The Legend of Dragoon, and it took me half the year to do it.  What happened?  I’m right at the end of Tales of Destiny, but I have no reason to really beat it, and no motivation to even try new games (the only other game I made decent progress in was Legend of Legaia).  The A-Z Challenge I got very close to completing, but with two weeks left I had to choose between one of two ‘X’ games: Xenosaga Episode 1 or Xenoblade.  I ended up not being able to motivate myself to finally beat Xenosaga, and starting an 80 hour epic was out of the question with my then work schedule, so I ended up failing that.  The Summer Gaming Challenge went pretty badly, mostly for the same reasons as the Console Elimination Round, but I did get to play through some good Wii games, and get a decent way into Pikmin (I need to finish that…)  Next year I probably won’t start any new marathons (except the Summer Gaming Challenge, I always find those fun and hopefully the RetroN 5 will be out by then), and focus more on the Steam games people recommended me to play (which is full of pretty long RPGs…)


This year, I got the pleasure of joining not one, but two gaming sites to write for.  It was pretty exciting for me!  Anyway, I’m going to link all my important articles I wrote here, mainly to see how much I’ve written in the past year besides my blogs.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies
Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness
Cloudberry Kingdom
Megabyte Punch
Mystic Chronicles
Attack of the Friday Monsters!
The Walking Dead: 400 Days
Strike Suit Infinity
Strike Suit Zero
Publisher Dream
Pandora’s Tower
Bugs Vs. Tanks!
Carnage Heart EXA
Generations of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection
Dragon Fantasy: Book I
Dragon Fantasy: Book II

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Game of the Year 2013
Saints Row: A Look Back at a Quirky Series
4 Odd and Unusual Handhelds from the Game Industry’s Past
4 Odd and Unusual Controllers from the Game Industry’s Past
10 Great, Free 1OS Games to Get Your Mobile Gaming On
Memory Lane:
Free Video Game Music:

A Look at StreetPass Mii Plaza’s 4 New Games
5 More Disney Games that Deserve a Revisit

…Okay, that’s a lot more than I thought it’d be.  Almost all of it is for Game Podunk, as well… the only major things I’ve written for RPGSite thus far are the Dragon Fantasy Book I and II reviews.  Whew, that’s a lot of writing I got done!

That about does it for this stats round-up.  I’ll be doing more posts as the year finishes up!


2 thoughts on “2013 In Review – Gaming Stats Side

  1. Nice job, Gaia! I should do one of these as well. xD

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