Gaming Overview – September 2013

So, I kind of missed my overview for August.  School and work kept me really busy, and by the time I realized it… well, it was halfway through September.  Whoops!  Anyway, I’m back for this month, with a few releases, and so on.  Of course, I take most of this information from my Backloggery page.  Let’s go!


I actually picked up very little this month.  In terms of buying games, I got Jet Set Radio Future (tags!) and Shunmue II (with Shenmue the Movie!).  In terms of games for review, I got Puppeteer (headless!), Dragon Fantasy Book II (sequels!), and Disgaea D2 (true sequels!).

And that’s it.  Seriously.  I’m surprised too.


I think I finally beat more games this month than I acquired.  This is pretty monumental.

  • Puppeteer (9-11) – A very fun platformer, and with a great setting and art style.  Check out my GP review here.
  • Shining Force: The Sword of Hayja (9-12) – The pure definition of average, with a dash of annoyance from a few overpowered spells.  I think I’ll write an official review in time.
  • Mii Force (9-12) – Pretty beefy StreetPass game, but it could get overly difficult in the last world.
  • Dragon Fantasy Book I (9-14) – A lot of fun, and the humor isn’t overbearing. Official review coming soon~
  • Warrior’s Way (9-24) – Kinda bare and easy, but alright overall.  Also, this title doesn’t have impossibly annoying Plaza Tickets to get.
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening (9-28) – Probably my GOTY.  Utterly fantastic.
  • Thirty Flights of Loving (9-28) – Uh, it’s a game.  That I need to play like four more times.

So yeah, two more games beat than I bought.  Backlog progress is beginning (but neverending)!


Ah, well… though it ended last month, I obviously didn’t do well in my Summer Gaming Challenge… I blame the attractiveness of newer games.  I’ve made no other progress in other marathons either.  This I blame more on school/work, plus playing games for review.

Also, I’ve become a writer on RPGSite!  It’s pretty exciting for me, as more venues to write is pretty awesome.  I have nothing up yet other than news, though, so nothing to show off yet, but I was a part of their October 1st TetraCast (although I barely spoke… I’m a nervous person).

On Game Podunk, I published Memory Lane: September Releases Throughout the Years, 12 Completely Free Video Game Albums from August 2013, and a review of Puppeteer.  Whee!


That’s all for this month.  Next month seems to have a bunch of hot releases, and I think I’ll finally get around to finishing the last gaming question asked of me by Slayn Bacon, too.


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