A-Z Challenge – Organ Trail: The Director’s Cut


I finished the ‘O’ game for my A-Z Challenge, leaving only one game left until I’m done!  Then again, the ‘X’ game’s going to be a little tough, since Xenoblade’s way too long and Xenosaga Episode I is not a game I enjoy… but I’ll just have to soldier through.  Organ Trail is actually a game I bought just a few days ago, but I sat down to give a couple tries and managed to beat it, so now I don’t have to try and beat Okamiden quickly!

So, Organ Trail, is you could gather from the name, is a bit of a parody/remake/zombie version of Oregon Trail.  It plays just like the game we all played fanatically on out school Macs, including the god-awful shooting mechanics and an unfortunate amount of dysentery.  Of course, it’s far darker and less educational than the original, with a few situations involving you or someone else flat out killing your teammates.  I want to say that I didn’t have to kill anyone from getting a zombie bite or anything… but when one of my teammates ‘sat too hard’ on my remaining fuel and destroyed it, stranding us for two days while I tried to trade for just enough to get to the next landmark, you know I had to put the completely healthy man down.

And good lord is that shot hard.

For  the most part this nostalgia trip is pretty great, though your normal tactics with Oregon Trail may not work here.  My first runthrough, I kept running out of food and having to scavenge during times of high zombie concentration, which eventually led to my death.  The second time, I brought a ton of food and only a few bullets, and I did very well (other than the fuel situation), though I had to trade a lot for replacement parts for my car (how could three mufflers break in three hours?), but for the most part, everything went smoothly as long as I rested up and made sure I was stocked at every safe zone.

So, um… Organ Trail’s pretty cool.  I had a fair amount of fun with it, though the unfortunate souls that didn’t get to play Oregon Trail when they were younger probably won’t see too much fun in it.

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