A-Z Challenge – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Apparently it's hard to find a small version of this box art, so have the logo instead.

Twenty-three down, two to go!  Uncharted marks my U game for the A-Z challenge, leaving only Okamiden and Xenosaga Episode I to be completed!  Uncharted was also part of my Summer Gaming Challenge… last year!  Better late than never, right?

Anyway, Uncharted was a pretty interesting ride.  I enjoyed the story of Drake and trying to find El Dorado and the path is ancestor took.  It was refreshing to be introduced to a character that really isn’t that great of a guy, either–he lies, cheats and steals, and kills other people like it’s no big deal.

Check out that boat!  Let's loot it!

Then again, I suppose you have to get accustomed to killing a bunch of dudes, with what the massive amount the game throws at you.  It’s used as kind of a cheap padding; at a few points even Drake himself sounds off dismay at the number of foes that block his path.  This seems like a relatively small scale operation on the part of the antagonist, so I have trouble seeing how they got about 300 people onto this tiny island… and they even manage to make it into ‘secret passages’ and the like.  It’s really detracting from the whole experience.

However, the padding doesn’t stop the game from being great for the most part.  Exploration was a lot of fun, and the plot keep me interested for the whole ride.  It’s a nice little game, and now I really want to try Uncharted 2 and 3.  Maybe after I’m done with all these other marathons I’m doing…


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