Summer Gaming Challenge #3 – Kirby’s Dreamland 3

Box art~

After getting through such a long RPG, finishing off my third game for the Summer Gaming Challenge was a breeze!  Kirby’s Dreamland 3… I don’t really find it to be my favorite of the Kirby games I’ve played, but it wasn’t terrible… I certainly like it more than Mass Attack!

Kirby’s Dreamland 3, in the least, has a great art style.  It’s all looks like a it’s drawn with a crayon, and it’s really charming.  It’s pretty impressive how it looks too, considering that this is an SNES game.

Nice graphics~

However, the style can’t really help the two major problems I have with the game.  The first problem is with the animals.  In Kirby’s Dreamland 2, the gimmick of riding/using animals to help get past obstacles was introduced.  You had an owl, a hamster, and a fish, each with very clear strengths and weaknesses to help you through that game.  However, in Dreamland 3 there’s double the amount of animals, with practically the same abilities.  To make matters worse, each animal makes a huge change to the power you have at the moment.  While this would normally be a cool feature, but for the most part the powers wouldn’t be terribly helpful… and watching Kirby being controlled by a parasite is a tad creepy.

The other problem was the level design.  The designers didn’t seem to account for either Kirby’s abilities nor the animals at all.  There were plenty of great seeming level designs, but either the fact that not all the animals can really get past some of the parts, or that Kirby can simply float any difficult parts, makes it a little disappointing.

So really, Dreamland 3 wasn’t all that great.  There’s not much more I can really say than that.


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