Summer Gaming Challenge #1 – Klonoa

Box art!

Klonoa, in a word, is fun.  It’s (for the most part) an easy, cheerful platformer.  The mechanics are easy enough to understand, and most players won’t have too much on an issue getting through the game.  The story is entertaining, if a bit cliche, and it was a nice romp for my first Summer game.

…I guess I have to write more than that, do I?

This really is an endearing game.  It’s cute, and colorful… but much like the Kirby series, there’s a dark edge to the story.  Things start to get pretty bad after the halfway point, and even the ending is bittersweet.  I did have a bit of a clue what was coming, having played Klonoa 2 and knowing the general theme of the series, but it was sad nevertheless.

There's a lot going on here, isn't there?

The game mechanics are pretty simple, but some of the things you have to do get complex.  Having to blow up and jump on multiple enemies in a single leap, advanced puzzles that involve shooting and jumping precisely… it only gets tough in Vision 6 (the final set of real levels), but it adds a bit of challenge and a little bit more fun to the whole platforming game.

Compared to Klonoa 2… it’s still a good game, but I enjoyed the sequel a bit more.  The level design in the second game was a bit tighter, and the boarding levels were pretty fun as well.  This Wii remake suffers from a bit of a balance issue (why is Vision 6 so hard?), instead of a natural progression, and the PS2 sequel had some more inventive settings as well.

Still, for how cheap the game’s going for, it’s certainly worth a try.  Regardless, my challenge is off to a good start!


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