Gaming Overview – May 2013

Whew, it’s been a while since I did one of these!  I was a little too busy to write them, but now I’m back in business!  This month I was doing alright on game purchases… but then the Humble Bundle site ruined everything.  Also, I played games.  Of course, I get my stats from my Backloggery page.  Let’s get crackin’!


Yeah, though I thought there weren’t going to by many at first, but then… well, you’ll see.  I won Dragon Warrior III (which I beat!) in a contest, and Penny Acrade was giving out some codes to On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 (slippery!), so I got that as well.  I also got Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk (alchemy!) for doing some work.  As for normal buying, I got Star Ocean: The Last Hope International (worldwide!), Doritos Crash Course 2 (Need Gold to play!), Strike Suit Infinity (half off!), Crimson Shroud (only $5!), Super Metroid (thirty cents!), Tales of Legendia (completionist’s sake!), Super Mario Sunshine (I beat this already as well!), Last Window: The Secret of Cape West (the sequel to Hotel Dusk!), Publisher Dream (review copy!), Actual Sunlight (also a review copy!), and Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon (atmosphere!).  Then, I bought the Humble Indie Bundle 8, which added Thomas Was Alone (lonely!), Little Inferno (hot!), and Proteus (uh!).  Then, I decided to buy the Humble Bundle sale of the week with Telltale Games, nabbing me all of Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse (come play!), Hector: Badge of Courage! (!!), Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures (not on Steam!), and Poker Night at the Inventory (poker!).

…Okay, maybe I was bad off even before the bundles.  I certainly went overboard this month!



  • Pandora’s Tower (5-10) – Pretty great overall, though I ran into some frustrations.  You can check out my review below.
  • Mark of the Ninja (5-16) – I thought this was pretty awesome.  I can’t stress enough that everyone should give this a try.  I played it for the Backloggery Game Club, so you can check out my post about it here.
  • Tales of Vesperia (5-20) – This one went on way too long for its own good.  Way too long.  Also, the skill system was a little too vague to be helpful.  Still, it wasn’t terrible.
  • Publisher Dream (5-24) – Overall decent, but there were some design choices that were honestly really bad.  I wrote a review for this one, but it won’t be up until next month.
  • Klonoa (5-26) – Pretty fun, and my first game done for the Summer Gaming Challenge.  I’ll have a post about it up… soon, but for now check out my first impressions.
  • Actual Sunlight (5-30) – Deep and thought-provoking, though it’s a little hard to consider it an actual game, since you just walk around a lot and read.  I need to write a review for it, so hopefully it’ll be up next month.

That’s all!  In all honesty, it’s pretty good progress this month, even if it’s lost amongst all the new games.


Well, hmm.  These are the official articles I’ve put out this month on Game Podunk… it’s only three, but check them out!  [Review: Pandora’s Tower, 4 Odd and Unusual Controllers From the Game Industry’s Past, Memory Lane: The Biggest May Releases Throughout the Years]  It wasn’t many, but I have a lot of articles in the queue, so next month I should have a lot more to share!  As for The Dusty Corner, I hadn’t actually written anything worth sharing, but hopefully I’ll have a post or two next month to bring up.

As for gaming stuff, as you can see, I started my Summer Gaming Challenge for this year.  You can check out the link, and list of games I’m playing, here.  I’ve gotten though one game already (Klonoa) and it’s pretty likely that I can get through most of the Wii games pretty quickly if I wanted to.  I’ve also make good progress in The Legend of Dragoon, another Summer game and also part of my Console Elimination Round.  The PS1 side has longer RPGs, so that’s gonna be the bulk of my challenge!

Also, WhiteLayer has put an official end date to his A-Z Challenge–July 31st, so two months from now.  I still have three games left on my challenge, and I intend to beat all three (even if I might have to change what games I’m playing for said letters).  Expect me to make some progress in that soon!

And, well, I’m still playing Fire Emblem: Awakening on and off.  I love it so much, but I can’t focus enough to actually finish the game.  I blame sidequests and random Tacticians appearing everywhere!


That’s all for this month.  June has by birthday and a slew of summer games… as well as E3, so let’s see what happens!


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