First Impressions – Torchlight

I like how the cat looks better.

I’ll admit it:  I’ve never played a Diablo-style game before.  They’ve never really appealed to me… they just looked kind of boring.  Of course, I get to test that impression with Torchlight, since so many have recommended it to me to play on Steam.

Unfortunately, thus far it’s done nothing to change my thoughts on the genre.

I decided to play as a Berserker:  Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew they would be the easiest to play as, since I could just run up and hit enemies until they died.  It probably was a mistake, because all I do is run up and hit enemies until they die.  It’s boring!  I get a few cool skills, but nothing really upstanding.  If I were one of the other classes, I’m sure there would be more strategy involved in fighting enemy mobs, but that doesn’t quite exist with the Berserker.  Sure, I could equip a ranged weapon and do that, but then what’s the point of playing that class?

Neat looking!

Quests are pretty insubstantial–find a quest item, kill a miniboss, and get fame.  The story doesn’t seem all that interesting, either.  I’ve gotten to the point where you can enter other mini-dungeons and get cool loot, but it’s still the same action, just in a different place.

Torchlight isn’t really all that bad, just boring.  I’ve heard it’s far better with more people, but that’s something that Torchlight II does, so I have to wait until then.  For now, I’ll just enjoy my vanilla Torchlight.


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