First Impressions – Klonoa

Oh no!  Don't talk about me and say bad things!

Going into this game, I didn’t know what to expect.  I absolutely loved Klonoa 2, and while this game is on the Wii, it’s a port of the original.  I wasn’t sure if I’d be taking a step forward or back with the series, so I tried to keep my excitement low for the game… for fear of my own hype and comparisons to the second game might ruin the experience for me.

Well, I couldn’t stop the comparisons, but overall Klonoa is stands well as a platformer.  It still has the nice 2.5D stages, set in an unusual world that’s a bit different from the norm of platformers.  Klonoa himself has all of the same powers from the sequel, so I was able to jump in quickly without any problems.

A couple things stick out to me that I don’t really like–for one, all cutscenes and story-telling takes place inside the levels (or Visions) themselves.  While this happened a fair bit in Klonoa 2 as well, everything flowed a lot better, and not being able to skip the text ahead of its crawling pace makes matters worse.  While it ends up not being a game-breaker, I just wish I could speed the talking up a bit and get back to the fun gameplay.

This game's graphics are busy, yet pretty.

Also, the invincibility period after getting hit seems a bit too short.  I can get hit by enemies twice a bit too easily.  This also isn’t a huge problem, as the game is a bit on the easy side (since the Wii version allows 10 hits before dying), but it can be a bit annoying.

But hey, it’s a good amount of fun thus far.  The levels are shorter than in Klonoa 2, which I find a good thing; that way, if I miss something I don’t have to go through a huge and long effort to find anything.  I’m excited to keep playing through and discovering what happens next… even if Hewpoe talks too much!


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