Steam Recommendations – Portal 2

This is the cover art!

It took me awhile, but I finally finished the second game on my massive Steam Recommendations list.  Portal 2 was recommended to me by quite a few people, including barrel, blindly, Chronoja, Pongsifu, and zero110100.  That’s a lot of recommendations!

Portal 2 has a lot it has to live up to.  The original Portal is considered a modern classic,  and it was also pretty self-contained; there isn’t much room for expansion.  However, Portal 2 managed to not only expand on the gameplay of the original, but the story as well.  It’s an impressive and somewhat risky feat, and the developers managed to do it flawlessly.


It’s was a joy to plWhat a lovely little heart!

ay through Portal 2’s single player mode.  The puzzles were just the right amount of challenging, but they never become so difficult they’re hard to beat.  Also, the story took a turn for the interesting.  Talking about most of it would be spoilers, but it certainly was interesting to see the beginnings of Aperture Science.  Even better, finding your actual way around these ruins really adds a new element to the puzzles, as instead of doing in a bunch of white rooms, you have to figure out how to get across rusty bridges and oceans of acid.  The change in scenery really adds a great new element to portal-puzzle-solving.

Honestly, it’s really hard to talk about the game while holding back spoilers, so I’ll stop here.  I will state, though, that it’s an absolutely fantastic game–great recommendation, everyone!


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