I’m back!

I’ve finished my tax preparation job!  Well, actually… I finished it like three weeks ago, but I was busy with other matters until now.  But, now that I have free time again, I can… well, play games and write here and stuff!  I even have a game plan set up for me:

What’s happenin’ with the blog

Well, since I have the time to again, I will begin writing a little more frequently here.  I’ll start the Gaming Updates again, as well as catch up on my marathon writings (I have one or two I’m behind on).  I did the Zelda Writing Challenge as a bit of an exercise for myself, and I finished that a week or so ago, but I’ll probably not do something like that again.  So many short posts!

Also, finish moving my older posts into here.  I have about seven or so that need formatting and pictures before they can be posted.  I also still need to grab my posts from Bitmob, and I’m still hoping someday they’ll bring blogs back to GameTrailers so I can grab those works (I doubt it’ll ever happen though).  So yeah, I’ll be putting those up when I can.

What’s happenin’ with my gaming

Now that I have free time again, I’ll be gaming again!  I’m currently playing through a Backloggery Game Club game myself… and I’ve finished another Steam Recommendation, as well.  There’s only three games left until I finish the A-Z Challenge (had to remove Q because Q.U.B.E. made me motion sick).  I have yet to make progress in the Console Elimination Round, but that’s hopefully going to change when I start this year’s Summer Gaming Challenge, since there will be a few PS1 games on it.  Look out for that later this month!

With all that happening, obviously I’ll be getting out more blog posts here, too.

What’s happenin’ with Game Podunk

Last you heard, I was a moderator for Game Podunk.  I still am, in a way, and that means I still write stuff there!  Go, check it out!  Also, I still upkeep my blog, The Dusty Corner, though I am planning on backing up my articles here in time.  It’s good to have everything in one place, after all!

What’s happenin’ with me

Right now, I’m trying to get a better job, you know, career type stuff.  As much as I want game journalism to be that thing for me, that isn’t viable, especially when my school’s working hard with me to get me an accounting job.  That said, I’m really hoping something pans out with that over the next couple months, then after that hopefully I’ll be going back to school (again).

That about sums stuff up.  See you on the flip side!



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