Zelda Challenge – Day 25

Day 25: What’s one of your biggest complaints or rants that you have about the series?

Unlike a lot of people, I’m not too upset about the series using the same formula for their games.  Then again, I am a Dragon Quest fan, and that series (used to be) the king of the ‘tried and true’ formula.  I’m also not too upset about the series’ emphasis on gameplay as compared to story; I do love my stories, but I don’t go to the Zelda series for that, really.

To be honest, I don’t have many complaints about the Zelda series in itself, it’s more with the fanbase itself.  Maybe it’s just me looking at Zelda Informer’s comments section too often, but hardcore Zelda fans are kind of jerks.  Almost every article that isn’t a news post is met with “Well that’s common sense” or “That doesn’t make sense” of “The official timeline is wrong” and other comments of general discontent.  Can’t we just enjoy the games and the people that enjoy them with us?


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