Zelda Challenge – Day 21

Day 21: One of your own theories you’ve conjured up?

I’m not really creative enough to make my own theories.  I used to believe, though, in the timelines that had the one split at Oracle of Season/Ages.  It made sense to me; the events of the games seemed to happen simultaneously, with the same opening of Link checking up on the Triforce and getting teleported away to a new land.  To have the timeline split off there made the most sense… since there seemed to be two timelines in the least.  Then again, I didn’t put much thought into the actual structure of the timeline other than that, since I haven’t really played all of the Zelda games.

I do think the canon timeline’s a little odd by smushing the two Oracles games one after another in the same part of the timeline, but hey, I didn’t create the series, now did I?


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