Zelda Challenge – Day 20

Day 20: Which 2-D games would you like to see be revamped and for which console?

I think the 2D game, or rather games, that deserves a remake is the Oracle of Seasons/Ages games.  The concept was really neat, in my opinion… linking the two games up to get the full story, and getting extra unlockables was really neat.  It wasn’t just a Pokemon style of different versions, either… Seasons and Ages had completely different plots, items, dungeons, puzzles… they really were two different games.

I know that they’re getting a re-release on the 3DS Virtual Console soon (I wonder if the two games can still link of gamers buy them both?), seeing a remake of them on the 3DS would be pretty neat.  It’d also be cool it they tried what they couldn’t do (but planned on) before… making the third Oracles game and completing the story of Farore!


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