Zelda Challenge – Day 11

Day 11: If you could own any of the masks from Majora’s Mask which one would you pick, why?

It depends on if I have to wear it too or not.  I really like how Majora’s Mask itself looks, and would love to mount it on a wall.  It just looks so good!

In terms of actual use, I honestly don’t know the use of most of them.  Breathing underwater with the Zora Mask is pretty neat, ut it also creeps me out that it’s the spirit of a dead Zora, so I probably don’t actually want that.  I think the Rabbit Mask (don’t know the real name offhand, unfortunately), since I think it make me go faster.  Or is it jump higher?

I really need to play Majora’s Mask… make Majora’s Mask 3D a reality, Nintendo!


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