Zelda Challenge – Day 9

Day 9: What is your favorite song from the series, why?

I think the Zelda games have some amanzing music.  All of the games have their own memorable tracks, so it makes it really hard to pick a favorite.  Like, really really hard.

However, I think my single favorite track of all time is the Song of Storms:

There’s something I like about this song above all the others.  The thing I like most about the song, though?  The fact that you can play it in Ocarina of Time whenever you want!  Sure, it probably won’t actually do anything, but that’s not the point.


2 thoughts on “Zelda Challenge – Day 9

  1. hmm, I have to say the Earth God’s Lyric from Wind Waker is my favorite, but Song of Storms is classic. Such good music in all the games.

    • gaiages says:

      Yes, the series really has a ton of great music… it’s so hard to pick just one! Maybe sometime I’ll make a Youtube playlist of all my favorite Zelda music… :3

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