Zelda Challenge – Day 8

Day 8: Between all the sidekicks, which is your favorite, or which do you think is the most helpful?

I’ve heard Midna is an awesome sidekick.  I really ned to get to Twilight Princess someday…

But, I still think the King of Red Lions is a great sidekick.  It can get lonely surfing those waves in Wind Waker, but the King is not only neat looking, but helpful!  Some of the later plot twists make him an especially interesting character… even if it’s really sad at the end.

Really, all the other sidekicks I don’t have much of an interest in.  Navi wasn’t all that helpful, and sometimes irritating, and the animal sidekicks in Oracle of Seasons/Ages were novel at best.  It seems Nintendo’s gotten better at their side-kick creation in recent titles, though.


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