Zelda Challenge – Day 6

Day 6: Favorite and least favorite item(s)? Which would you want to be real?

My favorite item is the Bracelet, or the Goron Gloves, or the item that lets you lift practically everything.  What isn’t cool about Link just lifting a huge boulder over his head and throwing it like it was a stick?

I also want that item to be real.  Superhuman strength?  Yes, please!

I really don’t like the Roc Feather, or Roc Boots.  They are both important and useful in the games they’re featured in, but… it’s an item that you have to equip that allows you to jump.  Can Link seriously not jump on his own in some games?  Also, the fact that you have to actually equip them, and how often you use them, makes them a bit annoying to use.


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