Zelda Challenge

Okay, this isn’t one of my usual challenges.  I’m not trying to beat any games or anything… all I’m doing is answering a question, once a day, about various Zelda stuff.  Basically it’s another writing outlet for me, without having to play games!  Wonderful!

Of course, I didn’t think of it myself; Beware of Cuccos over at VGFacts put up the idea here.  Since these posts won’t usually be very big, there won’t be any pictures, either.  Just blocks of text… readers with ADD beware!

Anyway, I’ll do my usual and link to the posts themselves here, so you can easily click away:

Day 1: When was your first time playing The Legend of Zelda, what game was it, and how was your experience? [Post]
Day 2: What game would you consider to be your favorite, why? When did you first play this game? [Post]
Day 3: Which game do you think has the best plot-line, why? [Post]
Day 4: Which Goddess are you most like Din (Power), Farore (Courage), Nayru (Wisdom), why? [Post]
Day 5: Which game do you personally think is the most challenging and most easiest, why? [Post]
Day 6: Favorite and least favorite item(s)? Which would you want to be real? [Post]
Day 7: If you were to be any character in the games who would you prefer to be, or who do you relate to the most, why? [Post]
Day 8: Between all the sidekicks, which is your favorite, or which do you think is the most helpful? [Post]
Day 9: What is your favorite song from the series, why? [Post]
Day 10: What is your favorite version of Link and Zelda, why? [Post]
Day 11: If you could own any of the masks from Majora’s Mask which one would you pick, why? [Post]
Day 12: Which sword is your favorite? [Post]
Day 13: Which character do you think Link should fall in love with (if any), why? [Post]
Day 14: Which ocarina song do you wish worked in the real world, why? [Post]
Day 15: Which of Link’s tunics and/or armor suits would be most useful to you if real, why? [Post]
Day 16: If you play the game from another players point of view, whose would it be and why? [Post]
Day 17: A story about your first cucco attack, what was it like? [Post]
Day 18: Which shield is your favorite? [Post]
Day 19: Your favorite race – of all the races, which would you most like to be, why? [Post]
Day 20: Which 2-D games would you like to see be revamped and for which console? [Post]
Day 21: One of your own theories you’ve conjured up? [Post]
Day 22: Any location in any of the games you’d want to be real, why? [Post]
Day 23: Favorite mini-games in shops to play? [Post]
Day 24: From your favorite game, list in order the temples from your favorite to least. [Post]
Day 25: What’s one of your biggest complaints or rants that you have about the series? [Post]
Day 26: From re-deads, to deadhands, wallmasters and skulltulas and so on, which always scared or still scares you the most? [Post]
Day 27: Favorite and least favorite cut-scene? [Post]
Day 28: Your version of the timeline of the games? [Post]
Day 29: Favorite side-quest, why? [Post]
Day 30: Your expectations/thoughts on Skyward Sword and/or Ocarina of Time re-make? [Post]


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