This is more of a personal update than anything. I recently got taken on as a Moderator/Writer over at Game Podunk. It’s very exciting news for me, because working for a gaming site like this, big or small is something I’ve always wanted to do.

But, that brings up the question… what’s going to happen to this blog? In the long term, nothing. However, I’m actually working two jobs on top of my work at GP, so until my tax preparation job is over in April, I don’t have much time for my little blog. I’ll still throw up updates when I make progress in marathons and whatnot when I can, but I won’t be doing the Gaming Updates and stuff like that again until May.

Oh, and I’m still working on transferring my old work to this blog–it’s just slow going with having to find pictures and format everything correctly again. Anyway, see you around! :D

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