A-Z Challenge: NightSky

It’s sort of hard to talk about NightSky, which is why I put it off for writing my thoughts for it for so long.  It’s certainly a game, at the very least, albeit a largely uninteresting one.  It sort of reminds me of Marble Madness, though the only common factor is being in control of a round object that you have to navigate through certain areas.  It has something like a story, but don’t ask me what it is or anything to do with it.  NightSky, really, is a game I’d probably forget about if it wasn’t in my Backloggery list and not my ‘N’ game for this challenge.

To be blunt, NightSky is a physics based platformer/puzzler.  You navigate a marble-like ball through short three screen stages, using the terrain and objects available to get from the left hand of the screen to the right.  It’s very simple at its base, and only later in the game can your little marble gain ‘powers’ to float, defy gravity, and other effects that are rarely used.

I think the game’s major problem is in its presentation.  The stages are supposed to create atmosphere, but I personally find them a bit boring, since it’s mainly black silhouettes on a somewhat pretty background. In addition, there’s no music… at least, I think there’s no music.  If there was, it either played so rarely I forgot about it or it simply didn’t work.  With no music to entice me, and lack of interesting visuals, it makes for a game that leaves little impression on the player.

I suppose NightSky isn’t a bad game, it’s just… underwhelming.  It’s an idea that’s been done before, in a way that doesn’t help it stand out. In the droves of indie games, it kind of just blends in, making it a game easily forgotten against more original, eye-catching efforts.


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