Gaming Overview – January 2013

A new year!  What does that mean?  Well… not much.  I wanted to cut down on my backlog this year, and while I’ve succeeded in “cutting the fat” of my collection by selling some games I wasn’t fond of, nothing much really happened otherwise.  It’s probably because I picked up a second job for a few months… but the good news is that no activity means not a lot of new games, either!  Anyway, I get this stuff from my Backloggery page.  Let’s begin!

Any new games?

A few.  The Steam Winter Sale ended at the beginning of the month, so I picked up Symphony (musical!), Cherry Tree High Comedy Club! (har!), and Superbrothers: Swords and Sworcery EP (indie!).  The Indie Game Stand has some pretty neat games from time to time too, so I bought Love+ (plus!).  Nintendo’s running a promotion for the launch of the Wii U Virtual Console, and is offering one game a month for a measly thirty cents… I can’t pass up such a good deal, so I picked up the game for this month, Balloon Fight (Joust with balloons!).  Finally, I kickstarted Strike Suit Zero, and that got finished, so there’s that.

Not much going on in the realm of buying this month… I’m off to a good start!

What did you beat?


  • The Walking Dead (Episodes 4+5) – I felt that the story slowed down a little in 4, but the ending in 5 was simply heartbreaking.  Overall a great game.
  • Scribblenauts Unlimited (1-28) – As I thought about the Scribblenauts series before playing it, I didn’t enjoy it too much.  I lack the creativity to really enjoy these games, though.


What other accomplishments?

I’ve made a fair amount of progress in Pokemon Black 2, so I’m thinking I can beat it in the next week or so.  Also, with the Console Elimination Round, I’ve been making slow progress with Legend of Legaia, but I have more time to play portable than any console.  I’m also been playing Zombie Driver for my A-Z Challenge, but it’s… kinda painful, so I don’t play too much at one time.  Finally, I started (again) my Atelier Rorona completion run.  Sometimes it’s a little hard to stay focused…

Over in the Dusty Corner, I wrote about my thoughts of selling some of my games, and it might not be what you expect.  That’s the extent of it, though.

And that’s all for this month!  February had Fire Emblem: Awakening coming out, which is the best game ever obviously, and I’ll be doing something to hopefully help with my backlog and lack of writing.  Until next time!


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