Gaming Overview – December 2012

A new year is here!  Great!  Maybe I’ll do better than last the last involving my gaming backlog… or other aspects of my life, for that matter.  Regardless, it’s time to look back at my gaming month (in shame), and then look forward to the shiny new year!  My stats are grabbed from my Backloggery page.  Let’s get the show on the road!

Any new games?

It wouldn’t be a normal month without buying new games!  It’s mainly because of the Steam and XBLA sales, though.  For starters, I bought the Humble THQ bundle, which came with a bunch of games I probably won’t touch.  Next, the result of using 3DS points got me Liberation Maiden (liberating!), The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave (Japanese!), and Pokemon Dream Radar (Legendaries!).  For Christmas I got Code of Princess (look at that bust!) and Persona 4 Arena (Ark System’s the best!).  The XBLA sale netted me Fez (indie!), The Walking Dead (zombies!), and Jet Set Radio (graffiti!).  The Steam Winter sale let me get Darksiders II (plus all DLC!) and Thirty Flights of Loving (30!) on the cheap.  Finally, I also got Scribblenauts: Unlimited (everything!), Torchlight II (now with more Diablo!), Titan Quest (when did I get this!), Eversion (creepy!), Tokyo Jungle (survive in arcade style!), Pikmin (Pikmin!), Pikmin 2 (two!), Sonic and the Black Knight (I needed a third game for buy two get one!), and The Basement Collection (not a fan!).

…So, that’s a lot.

What did you beat?

lawl wat baeting gamz iz so last munt

  • Costume Quest – Fun enough.  I wrote a post about it already.
  • Ys Origin – The Backloggery Game Club selection for this month.  I’m still in the middle of writing a post for it.
  • The Walking Dead (Episodes 1 and 2) – Fantastic narrative, and the decisions you have to make really drive everything home.  Highly recommended.

That’s it.  As usual, it’s bad looking.

What other accomplishments?

Well, I started playing my Steam Recommendations, though I’ve only beaten Costume Quest and Ys Origin.  I’ve started Portal 2, but progress is sporadic.  Beating Costume Quest also got me one step closer to finishing the A-Z marathon, with only six games remaining.  I also made progress in The Denpa Men and Pokemon Black 2, but I’m no where near beating them.

In the Dusty Corner, I only wrote one post, basically my Games of the Year 2012.  Nothing too special going on there.  I didn’t really write much, as you can see.

And that’s all for this month.  Next month I may or may not be extremely busy, we’ll see.  Also, whether I’m busy with gaming or not is up for debate.  See you then!


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