A-Z Challenge: Wizorb

Wizorb is an interesting little game.  While it’s a block breaking game like the famous Break Out, it does something few games in the genre try to do… and that’s change up the formula.  Wizorb is something you haven’t played before, and it’s the unique features and charm that makes the game what it is.

First off, there’s a story.  An evil ‘presence’ threatens the land, and only the wizard Cyrus, with the power of the magic Wizorb, can defeat him.  It’s pretty barebones, but for the genre, it’s pretty surprising.  You’ll go through various levels, with the typical RPG themes like a forest, volcano, and so on, breaking blocks and defeating enemies.  Every level leads to a final boss stage, where you have to dodge the monster’s attacks and hit the moving foe and knock their health to zero.  It’s all very exciting, and with the colorful pixelated graphics, it’s a joy to look at, as well.

Another aspect of the game is rebuilding the town of Tarot, which you find destroyed at the beginning of the game.  Your score helps you get more money, and the money you use to help rebuild the town.  This will get you various rewards, such as extra lives, a shop to visit, or just the fuzzy feeling inside for helping a (virtual) person out.  There’s also a fair amount of secrets in the game, and trying to give enough money for a certain, expensive object will give a lot of replayability.

Wizorb is such a treat to play through; sometimes the stages can get a little tough, but it’s worth soldiering through just to enjoy the rest of the game.  With so much to see and do, it’s really one of the games I’ve enjoyed the most so far in my challenge.


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