A-Z Challenge: Mega Man 2

Let’s be honest… there’s nothing I can say about Mega Man 2 that hasn’t already been said a million times already.  I’ll keep this post short.

Mega Man 2’s a classic.  It has a crushing difficulty, but keeps you coming back for more.  This was back in the glorious days of the NES, so who cares about story?  Gameplay is solid, and the music is nothing short of legendary.  Graphics are nice and colorful as well, with each stage having its own theme and distinctly difficult feel.  And as always, the Metal Blades are overpowered and Bubble Man is a pushover.

Playing the GameCube version of the Mega Man Anniversary Collection, Mega Man 2 is a pretty faithful port.  Obviously the Gamecube controller gives jumping and shooting a slightly different feel, but you can also ‘save’ your passwords so you don’t have to worry about writing them down or remembering them.  Also, oddly enough, the audio track stops looping after about ten minutes… it fades out and restarts, instead.  Kind of a weird little quirk.

So, yeah, that’s Mega Man 2.  It’s what you expect, of course.


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