A-Z Challenge: LaserCat

Take VVVVVV, take out most semblance of difficulty, and add multiple choice questions and cats, and you have LaserCat.  It’s really hard to say whether it’s inspired by the indie hit or just plain rips it off, but there’s no denying how similar the two are.

LaserCat’s story is pretty barebones:  LaserCat’s buddy, aptly named OwlFriend, was bird-napped by the evil wizard Wizzord (he’s a frog), and it’s up to LaserCat to collect keys and save him.  You run and you jump through dangerous areas, with minimalistic Commodore 64 graphics, grabbing all twenty keys and exploring the entire castle to get to your friend.

It really feels a lot like VVVVVV; however, there are a couple things to set it apart, for good or bad.  First, the game isn’t hard at all–you’ll definitely die a bunch of times, but there isn’t any real penalty for dying, and save points are scattered liberally.  Secondly, when you collect a key, you have to answer a multiple choice question.  Get it right, and you get the key… get it wrong, and it’s a swift death for you!

LaserCat is also a really quick game;  you’d be hard pressed to spend more than two hours on the game.  For the price of a whole dollar, though, there’s not much to complain about.  I for one enjoyed LaserCat… but, I also played it before VVVVVV.  I think opinions would change if you play VVVVVV first, but LaserCat can still be enjoyable for the little time it lasts.


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