Gaming Overview: October 2012

Another month is done.  Halloween has come and past, and I have no spooks, scares, or even candy to show for it… how disappointing!  My gaming life won’t be hiding many skeletons in its closet, either… because I didn’t do much on that front, either!  Same deal as usual, of course:  I get all my stuff from my Backloggery page.  Let’s begin.

Any new games?

Of course, but I surprisingly don’t have a huge list to rattle through this month.  I picked up Suikoden III and IV (only the elusive II remains!) and Odin Sphere (I didn’t want it!).  I Kickstarted Project Giana in August, and the game Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams finished this month, so there’s that too.  Finally, I picked up Megabyte Punch from the Indie Game Stand.

That’s it!  Yep, only five games this month.

Did you beat any games?

As a matter of fact, I did.

  • Dear Esther (10-15) – More of a non-game, but great nevertheless.  It gets really chilling near the end.
  • BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend (10-20) – Great fighting game, and the story is starting to make more sense.  I don’t feel the extra characters really added much to the universe, though.
  • R-Type Dimensions (10-22) – It’s a port of the first and second R-Type games with the option to spruce up the graphics.  Not much to it.
  • Epic Dungeon (10-27) – A real-time, fast paced rougelike.  A lot of fun, but pretty hard is you’re not a Berserker.  Worth the asking price, at least.

Almost as many beaten as I bought… almost…

Anything else?

I didn’t make any more progress in the A-Z Challenge, still being at nineteen out or twenty-six.  I still haven’t finished with my backlog of posts for it, either, though I did a few more done this month.  Looking at The Dusty Corner, I didn’t write much; only a post about not-scary Halloween games and a quick post about Megabyte Punch when it was on sale that’s no longer relevant.

On the gaming front, Guild War 2‘s Halloween event was late in the month, and it was pretty fun.  I got a few event items, though not nearly all of them.  Earlier in the month I was trying to beat Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, but the high encounter rate and the deja vu story made me put it down for a while.  Hopefully I’ll finish it in November, though.

That’s it for this month.  Next month the Wii U’s coming out, which I’m getting day one!  Also, Black Friday sales.  See you after the wallet onslaught!



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