A-Z Challenge – Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony

I’ve never been the biggest shoot-’em-up fan.  Dodging tons upon tons of bullets, twitching your finger to keep them away from your tiny hit box… my hand-eye coordination simply isn’t good enough.  Jamestown isn’t my first foray into the shmup genre… but it’s probably the first time I’ve really enjoyed the experience.

The story to this game’s pretty crazy:  Set in an alternate version of history when settlers were just moving onto Mars.  The Spanish and the martians are none too happy about this, and set out to destroy the colonies.  As Sir Walter Raleigh, you fight to save the colonies (and yourself), as well as uncovering the secret behind the disappearance of the Roanoke colony.  Yeah, the team behind this game really chose an interesting setting.

Of course, it’s always about the gameplay, and Jamestown holds up wonderfully.  There are quite a few difficulties to help newbies and veterans alike get into the game, and the way the game requires you to beat the stages on higher and higher difficulties help those learn how to become better and better at the game.  It might frustrate those that simply want to rush through the game, but it’s a good tool to force people to get better.  In addition, the various ships you unlock (with four more if you buy the cheap DLC) allows lots of play styles, and the right ship for any situation.

As for unlockables, there’s a ton of them.  You can buy a new difficulty, and alternate humorous retelling of the story, challenge stages, and more.  It provides a fair reason to not only play beyond the main story, but to get a high score and earn more money to unlock stuff.

All and all, it’s a pretty neat little game… and since it’s on Steam, I picked it up on a sale, making it worth every penny.


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