Can I Just Have The Treats?

Ah, Halloween–a wonderful time filled with costumes, candy, and stomachaches. To others, it’s also a prime time for horror… Halloween also tends to bring out people’s need for a good scare or two.

However… that’s not for everyone. Frights and scares? I’m not a fan. I’ve never really gotten in the horror genre, be it video games, movies, or even television. That must mean Halloween’s a terrible holiday for me, right? Oh, no, I still have a ton of fun! If you’re like me, and not a horror fan, then try out these games… they’re still quite in the spirit of the frightful holiday, but without terrible creatures chasing you with pointy objects.

Luigi’s Mansion

Okay, so Luigi’s Mansion is about navigating a ghost infested abode, which is a not uncommon horror setting. However, it’s far from scary. In the game, you suck ghosts up with a vacuum cleaner, of sorts. It’s more about exploring and finding stuff that it is about the scares, and that’s what makes makes it a fun Halloween game. It’s pretty cute, even, with Luigi and has general lack of courage exploring a place filled with ghosts. With a Luigi’s Mansion themed mini-game in Nintendo Land and a sequel coming to the 3DS, you can find even more faux, Nintendo brand horror for next year.

Costume Quest

What’s Halloween without trick or treating? Nothing, of course, and that’s what Costume Quest is about! Well, that and kids being kidnapped by monsters, but it’s far from scary, I swear. In it, you play as a kid whose brother or sister got kidnapped by a sweets-loving monster, and you have to save them. To do so, you have to get more costumes and candy, and enlist the help of the neighborhood children. Interestingly enough, this is an RPG, and whenever you get into a battle, the children transform into awesome versions of their costumes. Who knew running around town begging for candy could be so much fun?

Gotham City Impostors

Batman’s Gotham City isn’t exactly the most cheerful place. So many baddies, and everything’s so dark… kind of a spooky atmosphere, you could say! And what better way to celebrate that than by dressing up as your favorite dark hero (or jester villain) and beat the crap out of each other? That’s a good bit of the Halloween spirit right there (and a bit of a comic convention’s spirit, too)! Gotham City Impostors is a multiplayer shooter, not unlike Team Fortress 2, with different classes to try out and objectives to complete. The best part is, is recently became free to play on Steam, so there’s no reason not to download it and give it a whirl.

Darkstalkers (Series)

Darkstalkers is like Capcom’s forgotten little fighting series. Well, maybe not quite… I’m sure everyone knows who Morrigan is by now, even if they don’t know where she’s from. Anyway, it’s a 2D fighter based on having the typical horrors fight each other. You got vampires, succubi, werewolves, ghosts, and even Little Red Riding Hood duking it out for… well, whatever reason, it’s an early fighting game. Instead of spooky, though, the games come off as typical fighter fare, with some crazy looking characters and locales. Sometimes it’s even more humorous than it would be scary. The series gameplay still holds up pretty well, too.

Decap Attack Starring Chuck D. Head

This one’s sort of in the middle with it comes to scary games… while its 16-bit, generally colorful graphics and atmosphere doesn’t relay a spooky mood, some of the stuff in this game is just plain weird… which, who knows, might be a little startling. Decap Attack is a platformer, with an odd premise: When your odd mummy creature attacks, he throws his head. Don’t worry, there’s a face on his torso, so he can see just fine if he loses it, but it’s odd nevertheless. The game has some slippery controls, but is nice to boot up for a few minutes to see if it’s worth the time. The Genesis game found its way on a few collections, too, so it’s not too hard to find.


These games should keep the faint of heart occupied for the scariest night of the year, without any screaming or fainting! Got more games to recommend? Think I’m a pansy because I can’t even play Silent Hill during the day? Let me know below!


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