Gaming Overview: September 2012

Another month has passed, and my blog has mostly been quiet.  Why’s that, you might ask?  Well, I’ll get to that in a bit… but first, it’s time for my (day late) gaming overview!  Remember, I grab most of my information from my Backloggery page, and let’s jump right in!

Any new games?

There was a lot of purchasing at the beginning of the month, but it suddenly tapered off… but of course there was some buying!  This month I grabbed Kirby’s Dream Collection (He’s the star of the show!), Darkstalkers Chronicles: The Chaos Tower (fighting history!), Gurumin: A Montrous Adventure (So cute!), Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (Sequels!), Final Fantasy VI Advance (The laugh that haunts my dreams!), Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked (eight days!), Alundra (PS1 Classic!), Blazblue: Continuum Shift Extend (more characters!), Tales of Eternia (PSP importing!), and finally Guild Wars 2 (My life is over!).  Also, I picked up Humble Indie Bundle 6, but I only got two new games from it (Rochard and Vessel).  Finally, I got two free games: The first was Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (I won Game Podunk’s Prize Vault of the month), and the second was Chester (for signing up for the Indie Game Stand early).

That’s a lot of games… but I didn’t buy anything at all after getting Guild Wars 2 on the 19th!  I think it might mean something…

What did you beat?


  • 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (9/07) – Great, intriguing visual novel.  It can be a bit of a pain getting a non-bad end, but everything really comes together  during the true end.  The puzzles add some actual gameplay, too.
  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (9/25) – A more fun third person shooter than I thought it would be.  Provides some interesting back story into the Transformers universe, and the gameplay is solid and promotes multiple playthroughs. I wrote a review here.

That’s it.  Yeah, I blame Guild Wars 2.

Any other accomplishments?

At the beginning of the month, I started the A-Z marathon by Backloggery user WhiteLayer.  Due to it being retroactive from about a year ago, I’ve actually already beaten nineteen of the twenty-six games for the marathon, but I’ve yet to write up updates for all the games yet.  In fact, I’ve barely written anything for this blog this month.  That’s because I’ve been focusing on my studies as well as my blog on GamePodunk, The Dusty Corner.  Over there, during the month I wrote a post about Loot Crate, a geeky subscription service, as well as a follow up post about what I got in said loot crate.  In addition, I wrote a review about the Transformers game, that I linked above.  Finally, I wrote a post about my gripes with Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.  Lots of reading material there!

As for actual gaming stuff, I’ve just been playing Guild Wars 2, really.  My Mesmer’s level 27!  I’ve joined a guild and all that too.  However, it’s nothing interesting unless you play the game, so I won’t bore.

And that’s it for this month!  Next month… heck, I dunno what’ll happen.  I’ll write posts, hopefully.  See you then!


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