A-Z Challenge – Harms Way

What?  No, I didn’t actually choose to do this game for the challenge–since the games picked were retroactive, this was just the first game that started with an ‘H’ that I beat.  Anyway, this’ll be a quick post.

So, last year Doritos held the Unlock Xbox contest, challenging developers to make a cool game and giving the best one a prize, and so on.  Harms Way was one of the two finalists, and you were able to download this and Doritos Crash Course for free to play and vote on.  Harms Way was not the winning game.

That’s not to say it’s bad; both of the games were decent enough.  Harms Way is a racing game… it’s best to compare it to Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, in which one person is actually racing and your teammate trying to wreck the competition.  The latter does this by moving between vantage points and shooting various weapons on the field… and if you’re not careful, you can hit your teammate, too!

The game had three tracks, and online multiplayer.  It’s fun enough for what it is, but I’m sure the online’s deserted by now, and the game isn’t very fun alone.  Anyway, a good free game… too bad it lost!


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