A-Z Challenge – Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes

Grotesque Tactics is an interesting game.  It’s not really grotesque, you can’t employ many real tactics, so to speak, and the heroes aren’t really evil.  Instead, this is a parody on RPGs and their tropes… but really, that’s not new anymore.  With more than a couple other games blatently making fun or video games and RPGs, this one might still be worth the time.

This game’s an SRPG, which is why the ‘Tactics’ was in the name.  It’s fairly standard gameplay at its core, but it suffers from one problem… after or in between the battles, you take control of the main character (an emo name Drake.. but I’ll get more into that in a bit), and the other characters fall in line behind you.  However, when you get to the next fight, your party will be strewn about behind him in whatever order they decided to follow, leaving you no ability to pick any placement and possibly (read: most likely) leaving the wrong characters to get attacked by monsters.  While it’s the only real problem with the gameplay, it’s a pretty bad one, and can lead to characters getting badly hurt or killed before you can even move them.  It’s frustrating.

As for the story, it’s a typical good vs. evil plot, but it’s the characters that matter far more in this case.  The main character is an emo that couldn’t even kill a mushroom to pass his knight’s exam; the Holy Avatar is an overall ‘cool cat’ with an entourage of women fawning over him (and they get MAD when he’s attacked too much); the ‘twins’ suspiciously look nothing alike and even have different skin colors; the list goes on.  It leads to some funny dialouge, though some of it might seem like the same old joke.  The presentation isn’t the best, but it isn’t ugly, either. Character portraits look alright, and the in game models are very basic, but passable enough.

Finally, the game’s pretty short:  At most it’s ten hours, so it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.  It’s really kind of a hit-or-miss game… if you’re looking for what it offers (a parody), then great, but anything other and you’ll find nothing to enjoy here.


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