A-Z Challenge – EXIT

EXIT is… an interesting puzzle game, of sorts.  You are Mr. ESC, and as a professional… ‘helping people escape’ artist or something like that, you help victims escape from a plethora of different scenarios.  These scenarios range from fires, floods, earthquakes, and even… well, some crazy stuff near the end.  It’s a fun and quirky concept, but it suffers from a few major problems that keep it from being any good.

The main problem with EXIT is the controls.  Mr. ESC is quite athletic, as you might imagine, but the limits you can push him to are hard to fathom, and it leads to more than a few deaths.  In addition, the protagonist isn’t always easy to control in the first place.  To be honest, the controls are supposed to make it feel like you’re controlling an actual person, and while it succeeds at that, it fails on a gameplay level.  Mr. ESC feels very sluggish, and dashing can easily run you off a cliff if you don’t know when to stop.  Add on a time limit, and it’s bound to get gamers frustrated.

Controlling those you’re supposed to save is another problem in itself.  It’s a nice touch to keep that different people (or rather, different body types) can accomplish different tasks, but having them DO said tasks is very difficult, at least on the 360 controller.  It mainly involves using the right stick to move a cursor very sluggishly towards the person, then selecting where you want them to go to or what block to push in the same manner.  It isn’t a big deal at first, but when you have to move multiple people around at once, and with precision and speed, it starts to become a huge issue.

At least EXIT has tons of content for those that enjoy it.  In addition to the ten story chapters (with twelve levels each), there are two more chapters to unlock, then twelve more chapters provided as free DLC.  It’s actually a pretty good deal, but it’s certainly a try before you buy game… and make sure to try a later stage or two if you can, too, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.


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